The New School for Social Research



    Julia Ott 
    Associate Professor of History 
    PhD 2007, Yale University 


    Elaine Abelson 
    Associate Professor of History
    Senior Lecturer in History 
    PhD 1986, New York University

    Federico Finchelstein 
    Professor of History 
    PhD 2006, Cornell University

    Oz Frankel 
    Associate Professor of History 
    PhD 1998, University of California, Berkeley

    Aaron Jakes 
    Assistant Professor of History 
    PhD 2015, New York University

    Emma Park
    Assistant Professor of History
    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 

    Ann Stoler 
    Willy Brandt Distinguished University Professor of Anthropology and Historical Studies 
    PhD 1982, Columbia University

    Jeremy Varon 
    Professor of History 
    PhD 1998, Cornell University

    Eli Zaretsky 
    Professor of History 
    PhD 1978, University of Maryland


    Laura Auricchio 
    Associate Professor of Art History and Dean of the School of Undergraduate Studies, Schools of Public Engagement 
    PhD 2000, Columbia University

    David Brody 
    Associate Professor of American Studies, Parsons School of Design
    PhD 1996, Boston University

    Carlos Forment 
    Walter A. Eberstadt Professor of Sociology
    PhD 1991, Harvard University

    Joseph Heathcott 
    Associate Professor of Urban Studies, Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts 
    PhD 2001, Indiana University

    Eiko Ikegami 
    Chair and Professor of Sociology 
    PhD 1989, Harvard University

    Andreas Kalyvas
    Associate Professor of Politics
    PhD 2001, Columbia University

    Natalia Mehlman-Petrzela 
    Assistant Professor of History 
    PhD 2009, Stanford University

    Jessica Pisano 
    Associate Professor of Politics
    PhD 2003, Yale University

    David Plotke 
    Professor of Politics 
    PhD 1985, University of California, Berkeley

    Claire Potter 
    Professor of History, Schools of Public Engagement
    PhD 1990, New York University


    Amanda Bellows
    Alisa Wade