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Sustainable Plastics Workshop

Nov. 16. Explore biopolymers (which come from starch, water, milk, etc.) as an alternative to traditional synthetic plastics, which can disrupt eco-integrity and harm human health. Free and open to the public.

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The Painted Towers of Rajasthan

Nov. 15. Explore the connections between visual culture, landscape change, and the loss of cultural memory in small-town India. An illustrated talk by David Zurick.

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Lang Course Showcase

Explore a small sampling of the unique courses offered only at Lang — on subjects ranging from soccer to chemistry to tall ships on the Hudson.


Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts at The New School offers an experience designed for fiercely independent scholars. You will map out your own liberal arts curriculum. You will immerse yourself in primary texts rather than textbooks, engage in small seminars rather than large lectures, work closely with liberal arts school faculty, and be part of a community committed to social justice. At Lang, you will experience intellectual freedom and scholarly rigor in a university setting in New York City. Lang students ask the big questions, challenge assumptions, and study a range of disciplines at The New School. Learn more about the opportunities available to you at Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts.

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