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    Program Contacts

    Prospective students with questions about Contemporary Dance: Please email [email protected].

    Contemporary Dance Program Director and Departmental Faculty Advisor
    Neil Greenberg
    Professor, Contemporary Dance
    [email protected]

    Student Success Advisor for Contemporary Dance
    Brian Dudley (interim for fall 2023–spring 2024)
    Manager, BA/BFA Student Success
    [email protected]

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  • This page outlines requirements for the degree in Contemporary Dance (BA Contemporary Dance). Students can also study this subject as a minor. Students interested in dance who major in The Arts can choose the Arts in Context concentration (BA The Arts), in which they combine the study of dance with the study of a liberal arts discipline. Many courses in the Contemporary Dance curriculum are suitable for students with any degree of previous experience, and the participation of non-majors is encouraged.

    Requirements for the BA in Contemporary Dance

    The curriculum of the Contemporary Dance program is structured around four focus areas: Movement Practice, Choreographic Research, History and Theory, and Performance. Only specific courses satisfy the major requirements, including electives. Courses should be chosen carefully, in consultation with the Departmental Faculty Advisor and your Student Success advisor. Learn more and track your progress in the Detailed Degree Requirements and Worksheets below.

    Introductory courses:

    • LDAN 2018 Foundations in Dance Studies (3–4 credits)
    • LDAN 2040 Introduction to Dance History (3–4 credits)
    • LDAN 2050 Choreographic Research Intro (2 credits)
    • LDAN 2502 Experiential Anatomy (3–4 credits)

    Movement Practice courses:

    • Select a combination of one- and two-credit courses to fulfill this requirement (total 5 credits). One course must be L2101 Trio of Contemporary Dance Practices (2 credits). 

    Other required courses:

    • Lang InterArts (LINA) courses (9–12 credits)
    • 1 Dance seminar elective (3–4 credits)
    • Approved Dance elective (studio or liberal arts seminar) (8 credits)

    Senior Capstone

    • Choose one (3–4 credits):
      • LINA 4900 The Arts Senior Seminar: Essay (offered in spring)
      • LINA 4990 Approved individual independent project

    Total credits: 39–47

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