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  • Anchored in intensive reading and writing, learning at Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts involves developing and challenging ideas and investigating the status quo. Central to study at Lang is critical thinking, a skill that you practice and hone in small discussion-based classes where participation and interrogation lay the groundwork for your academic success. Your course of study will be guided by deeply engaged faculty who will connect your scholarly work to project-based learning opportunities in and outside the classroom. The breadth of courses offered—more than 350 at Eugene Lang College and access to many of the more than 1,700 courses at schools throughout The New School—allows you to design your own academic path.

  • Your four years at Eugene Lang College will transform your perspective and inspire you to create your own distinctive path in the world. The journey starts with intellectual exploration and discovery, supported by faculty and Student Success advisors.
    • Your Journey

      First Year: Explore

      We encourage you to embrace the newness of your college experience by exploring a broad range of liberal arts courses during your first year. Eugene Lang College’s required first-year seminars and writing courses are vital to your overall academic success, helping you develop the skills to grapple with challenging material and diverse perspectives. Your studies this year will be guided by your faculty advisor who also teaches your first-year seminar. No doubt your advisor will encourage you to leave your comfort zone and choose topics you wouldn’t ordinarily decide to study.

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      Sophomore Year: Refine

      Lang offers academic freedom balanced with the structural support of faculty advising as you make decisions about declaring a path of study, including a major and possibly a minor. We also encourage sophomores to begin exploring internships , study abroad , and civic engagement opportunities.

    • Junior & Senior Year: Focus

      You will hone your focus as you take upper-level courses for more in-depth study of your academic interests. This is also when many Lang students take part in engaged learning opportunities such as study abroad and the Eugene Lang College Dean’s Honors Symposium . Some students also begin their graduate studies as part of our Bachelor's-Master's program . All seniors complete a capstone requirement and meet with advisors to prepare for life after Lang.

  • Lang courses involve community-based projects that are great opportunities to enhance the academic dimension through a more 360-degree kind of engagement.

    Natalia Mehlman Petrzela, Associate Professor of History
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  • Areas Of Study

    Our wide range of academic programs with discussion-based classes foster the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills, allowing you to stretch beyond traditional academic paths. 

  • Benefits of The New School


    Being part of our comprehensive university means you are free to declare a minor at any of the other colleges within The New School, take courses across the university to satisfy non-major requirements, enroll in our BA/BFA dual-degree program, or simultaneously pursue bachelor’s and master’s degrees through one of our renowned graduate schools.

  • You can continue your academic journey at The New School through pursuit of a graduate degree. The Bachelor's-Master's Program allows you to save time and money by earning graduate credits that will apply to both your undergraduate degree and one of the select graduate degrees at The New School for Social Research or the Schools for Public Engagement.
  • Academic Pathways

    Our integrated curriculum allows you to chart your path based on your academic interests. These Lang students have made the most of the transdisciplinary combinations at The New School.
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  • Beyond the Classroom

    At Eugene Lang College, we believe that practical experience is as important as theoretical discourse. That’s why we connect what you’re learning in the classroom to the big questions and problems of the day. Through our broad range of programs and learning opportunities, you will be able to explore your passions and interests in and out of the classroom.
    • Internships

      Fellowships and Grants

      There are numerous opportunities for our students to connect their interests to real-world experiences outside of the classroom through Lang-sponsored fellowships, grants, and symposia.

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    • Civic Engagements & Social Justice Programs

      Civic Engagements & Social Justice Programs

      At Lang, social justice is at the core of a liberal arts education. Our Office of Civic Engagement and Social Justice (CESJ) is a hub that creates opportunities for transformative learning, where theory connects with the lived experience of working toward a more just society.

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      Lang Dean's Honor Symposium

      Lang's academic summit celebrates student work including class projects, internships, study abroad experiences, senior capstones, and independent work in the community. #LangDHS

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  • Our faculty are leading thinkers whose work grapples with the major questions of our time. Small classroom settings foster authentic connections between students and faculty, providing you the mentorship and guidance central to your education.

  • Access everything you need to make the most of your New School experience, on campus and off. Find quick links to academic and advising resources, as well as information about general degree requirements. The University Learning Center provides academic support through one-on-one tutoring sessions and other services.


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