• Graduation Requirements for Transfer Students

  • Transfer students have less time to decide on an academic major at Lang. You should clarify the particular requirements for your program and determine what requirements have been satisfied through transfer courses and which ones remain. To explore all these connections, meet with the departmental faculty advisors or faculty members teaching in those areas. Your Student Success advisor can ensure you are on track to graduate. The Center for Student Success can help you navigate your academic experience. Contact us to discuss your academic program, requirements, internship and volunteer opportunities, careers, transfer credit evaluations, and schedule changes.

    Majors and Interdisciplinary Program Requirements

    Approved transfer courses count toward general credit requirements only and are not applied toward the requirements in a particular major/interdisciplinary program. To have transfer credits accepted for specific requirements, you must consult with the departmental faculty advisor from the appropriate department. Please provide a detailed course description or syllabus for review by the departmental faculty advisor, who will decide whether your previous experience can fulfill any of your major/interdisciplinary program requirements. Please note, requirements are somewhat based on the date of your declaration. If you earned fewer than 45 credits at the time of declaration, you should fulfill all the requirements in effect at that time. If you earned 45 credits or more, you are allowed to fulfill either the requirements in effect at the time of declaration or the requirements in effect at the time you matriculated at Lang. This only pertains to majors in which the curriculum has changed during the time of your enrollment; so for most students, this guideline is not relevant. See also Lang Residency Requirement below. In addition, please note the following limitations:

    • Students admitted with 30-44 transfer credits can apply up to one transfer course toward the major/area of interest with the permission of the departmental faculty advisor. The student may be required to provide course syllabi for evaluation.
    • Students admitted with 45-60 credits can apply up to three transfer courses toward the major/area of interest with the permission of the departmental faculty advisor. The student may be required to provide course syllabi for evaluation.
    • When registering for advanced courses in a particular subject, remember to confirm that the prerequisites have been satisfied through coursework at The New School or equivalent transfer credit (approved through the departmental faculty advisor).

    Lang Residency Requirement

    All students have some residency requirements to satisfy in order to receive a degree from Lang, including a minimum number of credits earned in liberal arts. In particular, every student is expected to complete a minimum of 60 credits in residence at The New School. In addition, students must complete a certain amount of credits at Lang. Students who enter as freshmen must complete 88 credits at Lang. Since transfer students attend Lang for a shorter time, the requirement is prorated according to the number of semesters completed at the previous institution. A general guideline is provided below.

    • 1 semester at another institution: 72 credits minimum
    • 2 semesters at another institution: 56 credits minimum
    • 3 semesters at another institution: 44 credits minimum
    • 4 semesters at another institution: 32 credits minimum

    All students are expected to spend a minimum of two years in residence at Lang, including the final two semesters immediately preceding graduation. Restricting transfer credits to a maximum of 60 ensures this requirement is satisfied. You also must earn a minimum 90 credits in liberal arts courses. This includes liberal arts courses completed in other divisions of the university and liberal arts credits transferred from other institutions. No more than 30 transfer credits are awarded in non-liberal arts (such as studio and performing arts, internships, and business education).

    General approval guidelines for transfer credits:

    • The course must have been completed at a regionally accredited institution with a minimum grade of C (2.0), and an equivalent subject area must be taught at The New School. See Grade Point Average note below.
    • A maximum of 60 credits may be accepted from all transfer institutions (including study abroad and/or exchange programs, summer classes completed elsewhere, and AP examination credits).
    • Once admitted, transfer students should receive a Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE), which indicates the courses accepted for transfer to Lang. The evaluations are prepared by admission counselors. The registrar notes approved transfer credits on your academic transcript. For high school and college transcripts, please contact institutions directly. Transfer credits are never awarded unless an official transcript has been provided from the previous college. You may be designated temporarily as a freshman on your account until the evaluation is finalized. Please remember to have your previous school forward your transcript to the Admission Office:

      Eugene Lang College Admission
      79 Fifth Avenue, 5th floor
      New York, NY 10003
    • Transfer credits are awarded in accordance with the number of credits earned at the previous institution, even if a comparable course at The New School is worth a different number of credits. Lang defers to your previous school, as an accredited institution, to determine the appropriate number of academic credits for each of its courses based on classroom contact hours. For example, if you earned three credits for a writing course at your prior school, you will receive no more (and no less) than three credits in transfer.
    • Where the previous school uses a quarter system, students complete three terms in an academic year; in a semester system, students complete two terms. Therefore, credits earned through a quarter system are converted into semester hours using a multiplier of 2/3. Where the previous school uses a unit or point system, Lang follows the conversion scale provided by their registrar (and printed on your transcript) to determine the appropriate number of semester hours for transfer.
    • Transfer credit is not awarded for non-academic courses. This includes, but is not limited to, credit received at a previous institution for internships, physical education/wellness, career development courses, orientation workshops, and university seminars. For independent studies or fieldwork, detailed information about the course must be submitted for review, and transfer credit may only be granted if the course demonstrates sufficient academic content.
    • Lang does not award transfer credits for courses taken for Pass/Fail.

    Grade Point Average

    Like most other universities, Lang only transfers the credit earned at other schools, not the course grades or grade points. You therefore enter with a 0.00 GPA, and the grade point indicated on your transcript at Lang derives only from your classes taken at The New School. This does not mean that your prior grades are no longer important. If you pursue graduate studies, admission committees usually consider your entire collegiate experience and request transcripts from all undergraduate institutions attended. As a component of your academic history, previous grades remain relevant for many post-graduate opportunities.

    AP Scores

    Credit can be given for AP scores of 4 and 5 in liberal arts subjects. However, AP scores do not exempt students from ANY required courses unless approved by a departmental faculty advisor. To request a score report, contact 888.CALL4AP or visit apscore.collegeboard.org/scores. Remember to have official AP score reports mailed to the Admission Office:

    Eugene Lang College Admission
    79 Fifth Avenue, 5th floor
    New York, NY 10003

    IB Scores

    Eight credits are given for scores of 5,6,7 on the Higher Level, but we do not grant credit for Standard Level scores.

    College Courses Taken In High School

    A student may receive credit for college courses taken while in high school, but an official transcript from that college must be submitted to the Advising Office and you must have earned a C or better in the course. Courses will be evaluated individually for potential credit transfer.

    Transfer Credit Disputes

    If you would like to dispute any of the transfer credits awarded or denied, schedule an appointment with your class advisor, who can review your particular concerns, approve any credit adjustments, and request any transcript corrections. An admission counselor prepares the original TCE, though you should contact an advisor about any disputes related to your transfer credits. To contact an advisor, call 212.229.5100 x2264 or email [email protected].

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