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    Prospective students with questions about Contemporary Music: Please email [email protected].

    Contemporary Music Program Director and Departmental Faculty Advisor
    Clara Latham
    Associate Professor, Music
    [email protected]

    Student Success Advisor for Contemporary Music
    Brian Dudley (interim for fall 2023–spring 2024)
    Manager, BA/BFA Student Success
    [email protected]

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  • This page outlines requirements for the degree in Contemporary Music (BA Contemporary Music). Students can also study this subject as a minor. Students majoring in The Arts who are interested in studying contemporary music should choose the Arts in Context concentration (BA The Arts). For example, a student can focus on music criticism by taking courses in Contemporary Music and Writing or Journalism; other majors, such as Psychology, Culture and Media, or Anthropology, can also provide wider contexts for music studies. Arts in Context students should follow the Music minor requirements below or an alternative plan of study approved by the Music director.

    Requirements for the BA in Contemporary Music

    Part of the interdisciplinary Arts curriculum at Eugene Lang College, the Contemporary Music program explores the global diversity of today's music through a broader study of music history, theory, and criticism and the evolving technologies used in composing, producing, performing, and listening. This liberal arts curriculum emphasizes innovative musical thinking and music making in The New School’s tradition of progressive education and experimentation in the arts.

    The Contemporary Music major includes three foundational courses on music theories, technologies, and research methods, plus a rotating selection of music electives. Most courses are suitable for students at all levels of musical training and experience, and most courses do not assume the ability to read music notation. Only specific courses satisfy the major requirements, including electives. Courses should be chosen carefully, in consultation with the program director, faculty advisors, and your Student Success advisor. Learn more and track your progress in the Detailed Degree Requirements and Arts Requirements Worksheets below.

    Lang students can also enroll in other music courses, performance ensembles, and private lessons through The New School’s College of Performing Arts (Mannes School of Music and the School of Jazz and Contemporary Music) and Parsons School of Design.

    Introductory courses:

    • LMUS 2010 Contemporary Music: Theories (3–4 credits)
    • LMUS 2053 Contemporary Music: Technologies (3–4 credits)
    • LMUS 2200 Contemporary Music: Methods (3–4 credits)

    Other required courses:

    • 5 LMUS courses (18–20 credits)
    • 3 Interarts (LINA) courses (9–12 credits)

    Senior Capstone:

    • Choose 1 (3–4 credits):
      • LINA 4900 The Arts Senior Seminar: Essay (offered in spring)
      • LINA 4990 Approved Individual or Independent Senior Project

    Total credits: 39–48

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