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  • This page outlines requirements for the degree in Interdisciplinary Science (BA, Interdisciplinary Science). Students can also study this subject as a minor or as part of a self-designed major (BA or BS, Liberal Arts).

    Requirements for the Interdisciplinary Science Major (BA Interdisciplinary Science)

    Only specific courses satisfy the major requirements, including electives. Courses should be chosen carefully, in consultation with the departmental faculty advisor and Student Success advisor. Learn more and track your progress in the Detailed Degree Requirements and Interdisciplinary Science Requirements Worksheets below and visit the IS Advising and Resources page for information about identifying and selecting courses that meet the requirements. 

      Introductory Courses

      • LSCI 2700 Energy and Sustainability (4 cr.)
      • LMTH 2050 Math Models in Nature (4 cr.)
      • LSCI 2500 Chemistry of the Environment (4 cr.)
      • LSCI 2040 Genes, Environment, and Behavior (4 cr.)
      • LSCI 3020 Methods of Scientific Inquiry* (4 cr.)
      • 2 LSCI foundation courses (4 cr. each). Choose from: 
        • LSCI 2037 Foundations in Physics 
        • LSCI 2300 Urban Environmental Health
        • LSCI 2840 Science and Politics of Infectious Diseases
        • LSCI 2320 Microbial Ecologies

      Other Required Courses

      • 1 additional Math course (4 cr.). Choose from:
        • LMTH 2040 Calculus
        • LMTH 2045 Calculus II
        • LMTH 2030 Statistics with SPSS
      • 1 Laboratory Science course (4 cr.). Choose from the courses below. All have prerequisites: 
        • LSCI 3030 Biodiversity Achieved Lab (6 credits; prerequisite: LSCI 2040)
        • LSCI 3029 Water Quality Lab (4 credits; prerequisite: LSCI 2500)
        • LSCI 3055 Microbiome of Urban Spaces (4 credits; prerequisite: LSCI 2320 or LSCI 2040) 
      • 2 Intermediate/Advanced courses (prerequisites required; 4-6 credits each). Choose from: 
        • LSCI 3031 Chemistry of the Atmosphere (not after spring 2017)
        • LSCI 3400 Genomes, Populations, and Identities
        • (or other 3000-level LSCI or LMTH courses that have prerequisites)
      • 1 additional LSCI Advanced-level elective** (4000-level and above; prerequisites required; 4 credits)

      Senior Capstone

      • LSCI 4900 IS Capstone: Planetary Health (4 cr.)

      Total credits: 48-52

      * LSCI 3031 Chemistry of Atmosphere can count in some cases

      ** The following courses do not satisfy the additional advanced elective requirement: Quantitative Reasoning I, Pre-Calculus, and Statistics for the Social Sciences. First-Year courses and History or Philosophy courses can count in some cases.

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