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  • This page outlines requirements for the degree in Economics (BA, Economics). Students can also study this subject as a minor or a self-designed major (BA or BS, Liberal Arts).

    Requirements for the Economics Major (BA, Economics)

    The major in Economics requires completion of 13 courses, distributed as shown below. Students must receive grades of C or better in all courses taken to fulfill major requirements. 

    How to Major in Economics at Lang
    Only specific courses satisfy the major requirements, including electives. Courses should be chosen carefully, in the correct order. Review the Beginner's Guide: How to Major in Economics (PDF) and consult with an Economics faculty advisor or the director of Undergraduate Studies in Economics.

    The introductory course, ULEC 2231, serves as point of entry for all other courses in the department. ULEC 2231, LECO 3877, and LECO 3823 together constitute the theoretical core of the Economics curriculum. As such, LECO 3877 and LECO 3823 are different from 3000-level courses that generally presume some familiarity with the contents of LECO 3877 and/or LECO 3823. Students who major in Economics should complete LECO 3877 and LECO 3823 as soon as possible after they have completed ULEC 2231 to ensure that they develop a sufficiently strong appreciation of the economic theory that they will be expected to apply in 3000-level elective courses.

    Track your progress using the requirements worksheet (see below).


    • Two Integrative Courses. These must be chosen from courses in related fields. In particular, students are encouraged to select Integrative Courses in history or philosophy. Courses in social sciences, mathematics, or statistics are also acceptable. In all cases, Integrative Courses must be approved by the advisor.
    • One Introductory Course:  ULEC 2231 Introduction to Political Economy 
    • Two Intermediate Courses:
      • LECO 3877 Intermediate Macroeconomics
      • LECO 3823 Intermediate Microeconomics
    • Three Other Required Courses:*
      • LECO 3101 History of Economic Thought
      • Introductory statistics (e.g., LMTH 2025 Statistics for the Social Sciences or LMTH 2030 Statistics with SPSS) or introductory econometrics (e.g., LECO 3010 Introduction to Econometric Methods and Applications) or the equivalent.
      • Either one semester of LMTH 2040 Calculus, LMTH 3006 Math Tools for Social and Natural Sciences, or the equivalent, as approved by an advisor.
      * Students planning to pursue the four-year BA-MA program in Economics or to continue in related graduate studies are strongly encouraged to take LMTH 3006 Math Tools for Social and Natural Sciences as well as LECO 3010 Introduction to Econometric Methods and Applications (for which introductory statistics or equivalent preparation is a prerequisite).
    • Four Elective Courses in Economics. At least two of these courses must be numbered 3000 or higher. With the permission of the director of Undergraduate Studies in Economics, students can substitute courses in related fields at equivalent levels for one of the four electives.
    • Senior Capstone. The senior capstone (PDF) takes the form of an individual or collaborative project, a senior seminar, or a graduate course in economics.

    Total credits: 47-51

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