Liberal Arts

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    Design your own course of study based on your interests and goals, with guidance from a faculty advisor each step of the way. The Liberal Arts major at Lang lets you bring together subjects you’re passionate about in a rigorous curriculum focused on interdisciplinary, multicultural, and issue‐based perspectives.

    A liberal arts education encourages you to think deeply about issues, making connections across multiple fields of study. You’ll be challenged to ask difficult questions, create new knowledge through research, and express yourself boldly and persuasively through oral and written communications. Through these experiences, you’ll gain skills, knowledge, and courage that will provide a foundation on which to pursue any number of careers.

    To get started, you’ll work closely with your advisor to develop a proposal outlining the themes or subjects you plan to study along with and a selection of courses. Typically, the chair of Liberal Arts reviews and approves the path of study statement no later than the second semester of a student’s sophomore year. Junior transfer students must have path statements approved during their first semester in residence.

    You can earn either a BS or BA degree in Liberal Arts, depending on the curriculum you create. The BA degree option allows up to 30 non‐liberal arts credits overall whereas the BS degree option allows up to 60 non‐liberal arts credits for students interested in incorporating more applied arts and practice‐based coursework.

    The University and New York City

    As part of The New School, a major progressive university in New York City, Lang offers students unparalleled access to some of the world’s most prestigious institutions and resources. Opportunities for Liberal Arts students at Lang enjoy benefits including

    • Opportunities to take courses throughout the university
    • Internships available in almost every field, including publishing, media, education, the arts, and business
    • Fieldwork options with organizations based in and near New York City
    • Opportunities to earn academic credit while doing work centered on social justice

    A bachelor's‐master's degree option is also available for Liberal Arts majors.

    Career Paths

    The study of Liberal Arts prepares you for today’s flexible career paths and rapidly changing industries. You’ll emerge as critical thinker and effective agent of social change, ready to work in a variety of fields from education to entrepreneurship, media to global leadership, journalism to policy. You will also be prepared for graduate study in a wide range of fields including law, management, the arts, media, and sustainability.