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  • Mark Larrimore

    Associate Professor of Religion; Chair and Departmental Faculty Advisor, Liberal Arts


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    B - 65 West 11th Street

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    Mark Larrimore


    The study of religion and liberal education are indispensable to each other because religion is so often illiberal and liberals so often anti-religious.

    Degrees Held

    Ph.D. in Religion, Princeton University; B.A. in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Worcester College, Oxford

    Professional Affiliation

    • American Academy of Religion

    Recent Publications

    • Realizing The New School: Lessons from the Past, with Julia Foulkes (Public Seminar Books), 2020
    • "Learning to do Philosophy of Religion in the Anthropocene," in The Future of the Philosophy of Religion, ed. M. D. Eckel, C. Allen Speight and Troy DuJardin (Springer), 2020
    • "Reception History of Job," The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Wisdom Literature, ed. Samual L. Adams and Matthew Goff, 2020
    • "Loyalty in the Time of Catastrope: Anthropocene Reflections," with C. Hannah Schell, Social Research, 2019
    • “Kailas Beyond World Religions,” in Kevin Bubriski and Abhimanyu Pandey, Kailash Yatra, 2018
    • “Tactiques spirituelles: vers une théorie certalienne de la religion vécue,” in Michel de Certeau; Le voyage de l’Oeuvre, ed. Luce Giard, 2017
    • “Simone Weil, Friend of Job,” Public Seminar 2016
    • “Wider Moral Communities: A Framework for Comparative Religious Ethics,” Religious Studies Review, 2015
    • “Mythologizing and Demythologizing the History of the New School for Social Research,” The New School Economic Review, 2015
    • Queer Christianities: Lived Religion in Transgressive Forms, edited with Michael Pettinger and Kathleen Talvacchia (NYU Press), 2014
    • The Book of Job: A Biography (Princeton University Press), 2013
    • “Unsettled: On teaching about Aboriginal Australian religion in an American liberal arts college,” Antipodes: A Global Journal of Australian/New Zealand Literature, 2012
    • "Religion and the Promise of Happiness,” Social Research 77/2, 2010
    • “Antinomies of Race: Diversity and Destiny in Kant," in Naming Race, Naming Racisms, ed. Jonathan Judaken, 2008/2009


    Research Interests

    Modern manifestations of religion and the politics of their study in the United States and internationally; the problems of evil and good; comparative ethics; interfaces of religion and the arts; lived religion; interpretations of the Book of Job; the future of the liberal arts; religion and the Anthropocene.

    Awards And Honors

    • 2005, Distinguished Teaching Award, New School University

    Current Courses

    After Religion
    ULEC 2802, Spring 2023

    Collaborative Senior Project
    LREL 4995, Spring 2023

    Ind Senior Project
    LREL 4990, Spring 2023

    Independent Study
    LREL 3950, Spring 2023

    What is College For: Higher Ed
    NHIS 3108, Spring 2023

    What is College For: Lib Arts
    NHIS 3109, Spring 2023

    Past Courses

    After Religion
    ULEC 2802, Spring 2022

    Collaborative Senior Project
    LREL 4995, Fall 2022, Spring 2022

    First Year Seminar
    LNGC 1400, Fall 2022

    Ind Senior Project
    LREL 4990, Fall 2022, Spring 2022

    Independent Study
    LREL 3950, Fall 2022, Spring 2022

    Religion and Ecology
    LREL 2320, Spring 2022

    Religion of Trees
    LREL 2024, Fall 2022

    Rubenstein’s Pantheologies
    LREL 3040, Spring 2022

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