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  • Lang offers more than 350 courses each year. Below are a few examples. Students also have access to many of the more than 1,700 courses offered throughout the university. To see degree and minor requirements, visit the Academic program pages.

  • Featured Spring 2022 Courses

    Each semester, our faculty design hundreds of relevant courses that reflect the latest cultural, political, and social developments. Here’s a snapshot of some of the current courses that are available for you to choose from.

    • This interdisciplinary course critically examines the politics of violence as it relates to Indigenous lands and bodies. Students work to develop an understanding of the range, scope, and tactics of colonial violence/power, both past and present, and systematically explore how Indigenous lands and b...

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    • Practicing Curating will offer an in-depth introduction to curatorial practice, examining the art of exhibition-making from a cultural, theoretical, and practical perspective. The course looks at current and historical exhibitions that engage a range of public platforms, as well as curatorial and cr...

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    • Off-the-grid usually connotes freedom, autonomy, and withdrawal from infrastructural dependency and the strictures governing modern life. But the status of being off-the-grid is experienced differently depending on one’s subject position. For normative subjects being off-the-grid is often framed as ...

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    • UENV 3400

      Urban Resilience

      Urbanization and climate change are on a collision course. With increasing frequency, intensity and impacts of extreme events in cities, building resilience is fast becoming one of the most important issues for cities globally. The aim of this course is to examine the past, present and future rela...

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    • This course aims to introduce students to the Python computing language. Students will write basic programs with Python, investigate the use of Python to perform data analysis (including machine learning and artificial intelligence), use Python to access and structure information from the web, and a...

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    • This course provides an understanding of the constitutional and statutory rules that govern the United States’ criminal justice system. The US constitutional system attempts to balance many complicated and often conflicting concerns. The Constitution has several amendments specifically designed to...

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    • This course provides an introduction to the history of economic thought. Such ideas are important because they inform us about the present structure of economic analysis: what has been retained and also what has been unfortunately lost. But equally, they inform us about the present structure of worl...

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    • LCST 2150


      [Track S] How a director decides where to place the camera, how to frame the image and who or what will be seen within the frame, the particulars of lighting a scene and whether or not the camera should move will all be explored and practiced in this mid-level directing course. It is a requirement ...

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    • This course is designed to explore and critically evaluate the central concepts and theories that are at the intersection between Buddhism and cognitive science. Students will examine seminal books and articles from the fields of social and clinical psychology, moral philosophy, phenomenology, neuro...

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  • Social justice education is integral to Lang’s identity, mission, and values. We recognize that this learning is lifelong. In light of the global actions in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and conversations around elections, anti-Blackness, racism, and oppression, we gathered this list of current course offerings centered on equity, inclusion, and social justice.

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