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  • This page outlines requirements for the degree in Screen Studies (BA, Screen Studies). Students can also study this subject as part of a self-designed major (BA or BS, Liberal Arts). 

    Students interested in majoring in Screen Studies should read the Screen Studies Handbook for detailed information about the program, including suggested course sequences and advising guidelines. Screen Studies majors must receive grades of C or better in all courses taken to fulfill major requirements. Only specific courses satisfy the major requirements, including electives. Courses should be chosen carefully, in consultation with the chair of the program. Declare your major by following the process outlined in Declaring a Major, and track your progress using the program requirements worksheet (see below).

    Requirements for the Screen Studies Major (BA, Screen Studies)

    The major in Screen Studies requires completion of 13 courses, distributed as follows. See the university course catalog for Spring 2020 Screen Studies courses that fulfill these requirements.

    • LCST 2122 Introduction to Screen Studies (3 credits)
    • Choose one:
      • LCST 2450 Introduction to Media Studies (3 credits)
      • LCST 2451 Introduction Cultural Studies (3 credits)
    • LCST 2150 Introduction to Cinematography (3 credits)
    • LCST 2160 Introduction to Editing (3 credits)
    • Eight Screen Studies electives,* at least one of which must be 4000 level or higher. At least one elective must be completed in Media Studies and one must be completed in Cultural Studies. (24-32)
    • Choose one Senior Capstone (3-4 credits):
      • LCST 4990 Independent Senior Project. Note: Students pursuing this option must first gain permission of a Screen Studies or Culture and Media professor who will guide the independent work. 
      • LCST 4900 Senior Seminar. Note: Students who want to make a thesis film in a Senior Seminar course must apply to the professor of that course for approval before registration. Deadline: October 1. 
      • A second 4000-level LCST course or an approved graduate course, chosen in consultation with the departmental faculty advisor.

      Total Credits: 39-48
      *Electives must be chosen in consultation with the chair of the department.

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