Degree Requirements

  • This page outlines requirements for the degree in Sociology (BA, Sociology). Students can also study this subject as a minor or as part of a self-designed program (BA or BS, Liberal Arts).

    Requirements for the Sociology Major
    (BA, Sociology)

    In addition to the requirements outlined below, Lang has certain general requirements, including a minimum number of credits in liberal arts courses as well as college residency requirements. All students should read the general Degree Requirements and consult with an advisor each semester to ensure they are on track to graduate.

    The Sociology major consists of four elements, roughly corresponding to progress through the undergraduate career: Introduction; Exploration and Specialization; Advanced Theory and Method; and Creation. Learn about each element, including its timing and sequence, in the Guidelines to the Sociology Major (PDF).

    Completion of the major in Sociology requires 13 courses, distributed as shown below. Students must receive grades of C or better in all courses taken to fulfill major requirements. Only specific courses satisfy the major requirements, including electives. Courses should be chosen carefully, in consultation with the chair of the program. To see which courses fulfill requirements, review the Qualifying Sociology Courses document (PDF) and visit the Lang course finder.

    Required Courses:

    • LSOC 2001 Sociological Imagination (4 credits)
    • One (1) LSOC classical theory course (4 credits)
    • One (1) LSOC contemporary theory course (4 credits)
    • One (1) LSOC sociological methods course (3-4 credits)
    • Eight (8) LSOC electives (32 credits)
    • One (1) senior capstone, either Senior Seminar or Independent Thesis (4 credits)

    Total Credits: 51-52

    Requirements Worksheet

    Track your progress using the Sociology Worksheet (PDF) for the year in which you declared your major.