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  • Internships

    An internship is a temporary work experience designed to help a student learn by doing, usually in a field that complements the student's academic program. Internships are normally between three and six months in duration. Many academic programs at The New School strongly encourage or even require an internship experience, and students can often earn academic credit for an approved internship. Most internships are unpaid, but some are paid or include a stipend for expenses.

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    Career Services can work with students to find an appropriate internship. If you are an undergraduate student, you can make an appointment with your Success Advisor (career advisor and academic advisor) via Starfish. For all other appointment inquiries, please email careerservices@newschool.edu.

    Before talking to a counselor about an internship, review some frequently asked questions about internships.

  • Registering Your Internship for Credit

    How do I register my internship for credit?

    To register your internship for credit, you will need to submit an Experience Learning Agreement (ELA). Please email experience@newschool.edu for the ELA directions. 


      What happens after I submit an experience learning agreement?

      1. Your supervisor will be notified via email by Experience that he or she needs to complete his or her portion of the Experience Learning Agreement (ELA). You will receive an email once your supervisor has completed his or her portion of the ELA. (If you do not receive confirmation of your supervisor's approval of the ELA within a few business days, you can send your supervisor an email to remind him or her to complete the agreement.) View our sample reminder email.
      2. Experience will then review and approve the ELA. You will be emailed registration information once the office has approved the ELA.
      3. Experience will then email you a letter of eligibility. The letter of eligibility will state that you will receive credit for the internship and can be forwarded on to your internship supervisor.
      4. If you are an international student who is eligible for CPT, your I-20 will automatically be updated. 

      How long will it take for my experience learning agreement to be approved?

      The amount of time your Experience Learning Agreement (ELA) will take to process varies and depends on how long it takes your supervisor and academic advisor to approve their portions. 

      What is the deadline to register my internship?

      DeadlineSpring 2017Summer 2017Fall 2017
      Beginning of ELA Review by Experience/AdvisorsOctober 31, 2016April 3, 2017April 3, 2017
      Lang Seminar and School of Media Studies DeadlineFebruary 5, 2017June 5, 2017September 10, 2017
      Parsons, Lang Internship, and Lang Advanced Seminar DeadlineMarch 6, 2017 June 5, 2017October 2, 2017

      Experience Learning Agreements (ELAs) can be submitted before the first date they will be reviewed by The New School. ELAs submitted after the fall or spring internship deadline will only be eligible to be registered for zero credit.

      What else is required for internship registration?

      Besides meeting the degree-level requirements for your specific program, there is no prerequisite for registering for an internship. However, it is strongly recommended that you attend the internship workshops held at the start of fall and spring semesters. For a schedule of upcoming workshops, log in to the Village—Careers and click on the Events link.

      My supervisor will not submit the experience learning agreement. What should I do?

      If the supervisor delays more than a week in submitting the experience learning agreement (ELA), follow up by emailing or calling your prospective supervisor. We have created a sample reminder email that you can use as a template. You will be emailed when your supervisor has completed his or her portion of the ELA.

      My supervisor is asking for a letter stating that I am eligible to intern. What should I do?

      Once the Experience Learning Agreement (ELA) has been completed, we will email you a letter of eligibility stating that you will receive credit for your internship; the letter can be forwarded to your supervisor.

      When can I start interning?

      You can begin your internship once your Experience Learning Agreement (ELA) has been fully approved.

      Can I receive credit for a paid internship?

      Yes; students can receive academic credit for an internship in which they receive compensation.

      Can I earn credit for an internship that takes place in a different country?

      You can use the Experience Learning Agreement (ELA) to document an internship that takes place anywhere in the world. Keep in mind that the country you are interning in may require other documentation beyond the ELA.

      What is the process to document an internship I am doing in France?

      To participate in an internship in France, the French government requires you to complete a convention de stage in addition to the Experience Learning Agreement (ELA) that The New School requires to register your internship.

      The steps for submitting a convention de stage are:

      • Complete the student portions on two copies of the convention de stage form (there must be two hard copies of the document).
      • Send both copies to your employer for him or her to complete his or her portion on each.
      • Your employer must send both copies back to The New School to Victoria Fischman, The New School, 72 Fifth Avenue, 4th floor, New York, NY 10011. (Please let us know once your employer has mailed this to us so that we can know when to expect it. If he or she provides you with a tracking number for the mailing, please forward that to us.)
      • Once the university portion has been completed and The New School's legal department has approved the wording, a copy of the agreement will be mailed to your employer so that he or she can keep the document on file. The other copy stays on file here at The New School.

      Because of the time it takes to receive mail in and from France, we encourage you to allow as much time as possible for this process to be completed.

    • Internship Criteria

      How long can I intern?

      Your internship must fall within the following dates of each semester:

      SemesterContinuing StudentsGraduating Students
      Spring 2017Jan. 23–May 15, 2017Jan. 23–May 15, 2017
      Summer 2017May 16–Aug. 27, 2017May 16–Aug. 27, 2017
      Fall 2017Aug. 28–Jan. 21, 2018Aug. 28–Dec. 18, 2017
      Spring 2018Jan. 22–May 14, 2018Jan. 22–May 14, 2018

      Be sure to take into account final projects and other coursework when planning your end date, so that you're not overwhelmed at the end of the semester.

      Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts

      For students participating in the Internship Seminar or the Advanced Internship, the duration of the internship must last a minimum of 12 weeks. During the summer session, the internship must last a minimum of 8 weeks. Student participation in the Internship option need only to meet the 60 hour minimum hour requirement.

      How many hours a week or in a semester can I intern?

      Parsons School of Design, Mannes School of Music, and School of Drama

      In order to maintain a balance between coursework and the internship experience, students cannot work more than 15 hours per week during the fall or spring semester without the approval of their success advisor. Students can work up to full-time during the summer semester. The following criteria can be used when determining whether it is appropriate to allow a student to intern more than 15 hours a week at an internship:

      • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
      • No disciplinary action
      • Good academic standing (not on academic probation)
      • Program eligibility (e.g., must be in second semester of an AAS program or at least a sophomore or junior for certain programs)
      • Number of credits being taken this semester
      • Degree of difficulty of classes
      • Job duties at internship
      • Class schedule (internships cannot conflict with classes)

      Students must work a minimum of 60 hours total to receive credit for a zero- or one-credit internship and a minimum of 120 hours to receive credit for a two-credit internship. Supervisors will be asked on the final evaluation to verify that the student has worked the agreed-upon number of hours for the semester.

      A student cannot work more hours than the number specified on the experience learning agreement.

      Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts

      Students may not intern for more than 35 hours per week. Any hours completed over 35 in a single week will not be counted for program requirements, nor will those additional hours be eligible for use at a later date in the semester.

      School of Jazz

      Students can obtain 0.5-6 credits for an internship experience during the fall, spring, or summer session and register their internship for zero credits during the summer. At least 40 hours must be worked per credit.

      School of Media Studies

      Students can earn up to 3 credits per internship. Students can earn a total of 6 internship credits toward their degree: 3 research internship credits and 3 production internship credits. Research internships are typically more administrative, and production internships deal more with content creation, including production assistantship, graphic design, and audio design. There is no limit to the number of zero-credit production and research internships a student can undertake. Students registered for 3 non-internship credits can undertake an internship for up to 40 hours per week; students registered for 6 non-internship credits can undertake an internship for up to 30 hours per week; and students registered for 9 non-internship credits can undertake an internship for up to 20 hours per week. 

      Am I required to work during spring break, finals, or other school commitments?

      If you are planning to take any school holidays or breaks off during the semester, please communicate this to your supervisor as early into the internship as possible. Your supervisor will most likely assume that you are working your regularly scheduled work hours during school holidays, such as spring break. If you are not planning to be at your internship site during one of these times, be sure to let your supervisor know as early into the internship as possible.

      Be sure to take into account final projects and other coursework when planning your internship end date so that you're not overwhelmed at the end of the semester.

      What is the difference between a zero-credit internship and a credit-bearing internship?

      By selecting a zero-credit internship option, you register an internship with The New School that will be officially recognized and recorded on your transcript without the payment of full tuition for credits. The zero-credit internship registration process is the same as the process of registering an internship for a higher credit amount.

      With your academic advisor's approval, you can elect to register for a zero-credit internship. There are several common reasons for taking this option.

      • You are already carrying the maximum number of credits for the semester and wish to register for an internship without incurring additional tuition charges.
      • You are interning during the summer and do not wish to pay tuition for internship credit. Note that you will still need to pay a registration fee to register a zero-credit internship. You can find more information about tuition and fees on the registrar's site.

      You may not be permitted to enroll for zero credit if you need credit hours to graduate. Your academic advisor will assess your case and determine whether you are eligible.

      What should be included in the learning objectives?

      Learning objectives are goals and objectives that students hope to achieve through internships. The New School strongly recommends that you work with your supervisor to set useful, reasonable internship learning objectives. The New School formalizes this process by requiring that learning objectives be outlined on the experience learning agreement and that the student's progress on these objectives be documented by a mid-term evaluation and a final evaluation.

      Use the guidelines below to establish learning objectives with your supervisor.

      • Professional Skills: Students acquire professional skills by participating in a professional work environment.
      • Industry Awareness: Interns learn how an industry works and how various companies and consumer markets differ from one another.
      • Relating Internships to Classroom Experience and Career Goals: Internships should relate to coursework.

      Can I do more than one internship in a semester?

      Parsons School of Design, College of Performing Arts, and School of Media Studies

      You must be a junior or senior, be enrolled in an associate's program or be in the second year of a master's program to be eligible to submit more than one experience learning agreement (ELA) in a single semester. You must notify the supervisors at both of the internships via email (cc'ing experience@newschool.edu) that you are participating in more than one internship during the semester.

      Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts

      Students can participate in up to two credit-bearing internships per semester provided at least one of the internships is registered in the 0-2 internship program.

      Can I register a past internship for credit?

      A student taking an internship can receive academic credit only for the term in which the internship was undertaken. You cannot apply an internship to a different semester.

    • During Your Internship

      Whom should I contact if I have an issue at my internship site?

      If you're not sure how to handle something that comes up at your internship or have any questions, contact us at experience@newschool.edu so that we can help you with next steps.

      What is a mid-term evaluation?

      Your supervisor will hold a mid-term evaluation with you at the halfway point of your internship to assess your experience and performance. Mid-term evaluations should take place face-to-face and involve

      • Engaging in open dialogue with your supervisor about how you think the internship is progressing
      • Being assessed on your work
      • Reviewing your learning objectives and progress toward achieving them
      • Establishing corrective measures to enable you to accomplish your goals

      If you are a Lang student, you will also complete a mid-point self evaluation via the Village—Careers.

      What happens if I quit my internship?

      Quitting your internship results in Z grade in your course, which will be noted on your academic transcript. Z has a GPA value of 0 and is issued to indicate that a student has not attended or not completed all required work in a course but did not officially withdraw before the deadline. It differs in meaning from "F," which indicates that the student has completed all requirements but that the level of work did not qualify for a passing grade. Before deciding to quit your internship, please contact experience@newschool.edu so that we can discuss the situation and other potential options.

      What should I do if my internship supervisor leaves?

      If your supervisor changes during the internship, please let us know by emailing experience@newschool.edu with the name, title, email, and phone number of your new supervisor so that we can update your experience learning agreement and make sure that there is no delay with your evaluation being completed at the end of the semester.

    • Grading

      Can I end my internship early if I’ve already worked the minimum number of hours needed to earn credit?

      Even if you work the minimum hours required for your credit amount, you must work until the end date indicated on your agreement. If you do need to change your end date, you should discuss this with your supervisor and then contact Experience so that we can update the end date in your agreement. If you are leaving the internship before the end date indicated on your experience learning agreement (ELA), there is a possibility that the employer may not give you a passing evaluation. Please contact us at experience@newschool.edu if you want to end your internship early.

      How is my internship grade calculated?

      Parsons School of Design, College of Performing Arts, and School of Media Studies

      Internship credit is determined not only by the number of hours you work, but also by the evaluation that we receive from your supervisor. Your supervisor will be contacted by Experience with instructions for completing the evaluation at the end of the semester. You will be able to view this evaluation once it is complete.

      Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts

      The work performed at your internship site and the internship seminar/coursework are both integral components of your final grade. Depending on the section, Lang interns receive a letter grade or P/F grade. The internship grade is based on a combination of factors including seminar attendance, assigned coursework, and hours on-site.

      How can I view my evaluation?

      To view the evaluation for your internship:

      1. Go to the Village—Careers.
      2. Log in using your Net ID and password.
      3. Click the Experience link on the left navigation bar.

      If you don't see the employer evaluation link on the Experience page, we have not yet received an evaluation from your supervisor.

      What happens if my supervisor does not submit an evaluation for my internship?

      If your supervisor does not submit an evaluation by the grading deadline (within seven days of the last day of classes), you will be notified by the New School Center of Internships and Global Experience that an "Incomplete" or "I" grade is being recorded for your internship.

      You can complete one of the below options and email it to experience@newschool.edu to provide a grading alternative to the "I" grade:

      • Submit a 500-word reflective essay expanding on one of the following questions:
        • What goals do you have for future career exploration?
        • What have you learned about yourself from the experience? In what areas do you feel you need further development in relation to your professional development?
        • What next steps can you identify for career experience, exploration, or networking?
      • Update your LinkedIn profile and résumé to include your most recent internship experience.
      • Create and/or update your online portfolio/website to include your most recent experience.

    • International Students

      Do I need to fill out any other forms besides the experience learning agreement if I am an international student?

      International students must fill out an ISSS Online Service Request, which can be done when they submit the experience learning agreement. All international students ( F-1 and J-1 visas) must have any paid or unpaid internships for academic credit (including zero-credits internships) authorized by International Student and Scholar Services before starting work. Once the experience learning agreement is fully approved, it is automatically forwarded to ISSS.

      How do I document a paid opportunity that is not an internship?

      If you are an international student seeking CPT for a paid opportunity other than an internship, you will still need to submit an experience learning agreement (ELA). When filling out the ELA, select "other" when answering the question "What type of experiential opportunity will you be participating in?" Your academic advisor must determine the opportunity to be relevant to your coursework in order for the position to qualify for CPT.

      Can I still participate in an internship if ISSS determines I am CPT ineligible?

      If ISS determines that you are CPT ineligible, you must meet with an ISSS advisor who is legally authorized to advise on F-1 benefits.