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  • Entrepreneurship

    An entrepreneur, in the broadest sense, is one who creates, organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise. With its eclectic mix of disciplines, from social and artistic to media, technology, and design, The New School embraces entrepreneurship with the aim of infinitely expanding the range of career possibilities for our students and graduates.

    In addition to the New School programs below, there is a wide range of curricular offerings that incorporate and explore entrepreneurial endeavors.

  • INTERpreneurship: New Ideas, Global Success

    A pilot program designed primarily for international students who want to become entrepreneurs and wish to find out more about starting their own companies in the United States. This is being proposed as an alternative form of U.S. employment for students on OPT or other work-related visas.

    News Articles and Regulations

    International Students and Entrepreneurship
    In October 2011, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Alejandro Mayorkas announced the Entrepreneurs in Residence initiative. This initiative will help "harness industry expertise from the public and private sectors and increase the job creation potential of employment-based and high-skilled visa categories" by allowing F-1 students to start a business that is directly related to their major area of study and giving them a financial stake in its success.

    Entrepreneur Pathways
    This resource, known as Entrepreneur Pathways, was developed by the Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR) Tactical Team at USCIS. Entrepreneur Pathways is designed to enhance communications with the entrepreneurial community and provide foreign entrepreneurs with the tools and information to determine which visa category is most appropriate for their particular circumstance.

    Foreign Students Wanting to Start a Business in the U.S.
    This blog post highlights the pathway for F1 students to pursue an entrepreneurial road while building a business in the United States.

    Starting a Business as an International Student by Babson College
    Starting a business in the United States requires a lot of legal documentation. Starting a business as an international student is even harder as visa requirements are complex. In order to help students who face this issue, Steven R. London from Pepper Hamilton, and Lesley Hauser from O'Neill & Hauser P.C. hosted a panel on what to consider when starting a venture as an international student in the United States. This blog post is meant to be a recap of what was discussed. If you are an international student entrepreneur, make sure to seek legal counsel.

    Starting a Business as a Foreign National
    Breaking into the U.S. market can be a rewarding venture for many foreign businesses. Because U.S. citizenship and residency are not required, foreign nationals are able to start or expand on U.S. soil without experiencing much more red-tape than an American-born business owner would.

    Reforming Immigration Law to Allow More Foreign Student Entrepreneurs to Launch Job-Creating Ventures in the United States
    U.S. colleges and universities nationally are seeing increasing numbers of international students with a passion for entrepreneurship, and many of those students want to start new ventures in the United States. However, current immigration laws make it difficult – if not impossible – for these budding innovators to establish startups while in school, or to remain in the country after graduation to grow their companies and create jobs that could bolster the U.S. economy.

    IRS Tax Information for International Businesses
    Tax information for international businesses.

    Starting, Operating, or Closing a Business
    Starting a business could be exciting. If you're considering starting a business, start here. The IRS provides information on everything from a checklist for a new business, to selecting a business structure, and more.

    Navigating Employment Based visas for Startups
    Startups often seek to hire highly educated employees with degrees in STEM (science, technology, engineering and science) fields in order to compete with their established competitors. Post-graduate international students have emerged as the leading source of talent for startups as nearly 1/3 of all international students (or over 330,000 such students) are enrolled in STEM degree programs at U.S. Universities. However, the lack of a true "startup visa" makes hiring post-graduate international students and other foreign nationals alike difficult. Generally speaking, the three most common employment-based visas used to staff emerging companies are the H-1B, E-2, L-1 visa categories. This article briefly describes the three most common pitfalls related to the above-mentioned employment-based visa categories as they relate to startups.

    Executive Actions on Immigration - USCIS
    On November 20, 2014, the President announced a series of executive actions to crack down on illegal immigration at the border, prioritize deporting felons not families, and require certain undocumented immigrants to pass a criminal background check and pay taxes in order to temporarily stay in the U.S. without fear of deportation. These initiatives include Modernizing, improving and clarifying immigrant and nonimmigrant visa programs to grow our economy and create jobs.

    Governor Cuomo Launches New Global NY Initiatives to Attract International Investment and Trade to New York
    Governor Andrew M. Cuomo launches new Global NY initiatives – including a $35 million Global NY Development Fund and trade missions to Mexico, Canada, Italy, China, and Israel – to help create new jobs in our state and attract additional international business investment to New York.

    New Challenge at The New School

    Expands opportunities for students to realize their ideas and take them to the next level of implementation. Building on The New School’s commitment to learning through action, New Challenge helps students develop as change makers that positively impact the world. As a campus-wide platform, New Challenge strengthens community across the university, enriching learning and opportunities for creative collaboration.


    Facilitates entrepreneurial pathways after graduation. The eLab program brings alumni closer to the NYC design and entrepreneurial communities by redefining the postgraduate experience for a selected group of Parsons School of Design Strategies’ graduate students to help alumni transition from students to entrepreneurs.

    Social Innovation Initiative

    Established in 2011 with support from the Provost's Office and the deans of the Schools of Public Engagement, Parsons, and Eugene Lang College, the Social Innovation Initiative offers students and faculty from different colleges of The New School opportunities to participate in interdisciplinary learning, research, and practice that contributes to real-world problem solving through courses, workshops, conferences, and an innovation competition. The initiative equips students to address contemporary environmental and social challenges in innovative ways, whatever their career paths may be.

    NYC Media Lab

    Connects technologists in digital media and technology companies with New York City's universities in order to drive innovation and talent development. A public-private partnership launched by the New York City Economic Development Corporation, Columbia University, and New York University, the lab hosts events and seeds projects to foster collaboration across a range of disciplines central to the future of media.

    Entrepreneur The Arts

    Helps organizations learn how to build their sales and export skills, and develop ideas into products and services.

    Savvy Musician

    Success as a professional musician requires much more than talent and luck. Whether independent musicians are hoping to augment income, stand out from a competitive field, add variety to activities, or establish an empire. David Cutler explores mindset, career, projects, marketing, money, and more in this music entrepreneurship blog.

    The Musician’s Way Blog

    Gerald Klickstein explores issues of music practice and performance, creativity, collaboration, entrepreneurship, career development, technology, wellness and the myriad aspects of living a musician’s life.

    SEA (Self Employment in the Arts)

    A program geared to helping emerging visual, performing, literary, and media artists acquire the resources and connections they need to be successful self-employed artists.

    Artists Music House

    A website designed to help musicians and music entrepreneurs create sustainable careers.


    A revolutionary angel fund founded by entrepreneurs and backed by more than 80 top investors, designed for all teams, including those with members on work visas.


    Supports comprehensive immigration reform, advocates for improving the quality of American education, and promotes investment in scientific innovation. With teams located across the country, FWD.us brings together a diverse group of organizers, entrepreneurs, and innovators who develop and deploy online and offline direct advocacy tools at the district, state, and national levels.

    The Invisible Dreamers

    A Tumblr blog showcasing stories of immigrants who have come to the United States, and highlighting challenges they have faced, whether they are actors such as Andy Garcia, directors such as Oscar winner Alejandro G. Iñárritu, or students pursuing their dreams.