• The New School: A Progressive University in NYC

    Our University

    Imagine a place where scholars, artists, and designers find the support they need to challenge convention and fearlessly create positive change in the world. Imagine an intellectual and creative haven that never has — and never will — settle for the status quo.

    The New School is a progressive urban university where the walls between disciplines are dissolved, so that journalists can collaborate with designers, architects with social researchers, media specialists with activists, poets with musicians.  

    Our History

    In 1919, a few great minds imagined a school that would rethink the purpose of higher learning. The New School is an amalgamation of a world-famous design school, a premier liberal arts college, a renowned performing arts school, a legendary social research school, and other advanced degree programs, created to challenge and support freethinkers who want to change the world. 

    No matter what your age or stage of life, you can find more to learn at The New School. With over 135 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, our university offers a more creatively inspired, rigorously relevant education than any other. Our university's urban academic centers in New York City, Paris, and Mumbai offer almost 10,000 students the chance to expand their knowledge and view of the world. We invite you to learn more about our one-of-a-kind university. 

    Our Schools

    No matter what area of study students pursue at The New School, they will discover a unique form of creative problem solving that will forever change the way they investigate and create. They will learn to relentlessly question convention, collaborate across disciplines, and take risks. They will immerse themselves in a world of critical analysis and intense scholarship. And ultimately, they will seek new ways to effect positive change. Here is how our five progressive colleges inspire world-changing creativity. Where will you find your place in the future?

  • Parsons School of Design

    Parsons is one of the world’s leading art and design schools. Our enlightened approach to design education and sustainability results in a passionate commitment to improving all aspects of society through inquiry, radical ideas, iterative experimentation, and creative collaboration.

    Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts

    Lang is a small progressive liberal arts college, in the heart of NYC, designed for fiercely independent scholars. At Lang, scholarly rigor meets intellectual freedom. Students map out their own curriculum, study primary texts, engage in small seminars, work closely with faculty, and are part of a community committed to social justice. 

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    College of Performing Arts

    The College of Performing Arts is an artistic hub, home to three highly progressive schools, for drama , jazz , and classical music . We nurture each individual artist to cultivate fearless risk takers who value real-world relevance, rigorously pursue excellence, and embrace collaboration. Our students are prepared to become artistic leaders who can make a positive difference in today’s world.

    The New School for Social Research

    At this internationally renowned graduate school, scholars are taught to understand the world around them in heterodox, intellectually rigorous ways, breaking with traditional modes of thinking. Students at The New School for Social Research build new knowledge through scholarly research, become critical and creative thinkers, and learn to grapple with the tensions of contemporary society.

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    Adult Bachelor’s, Creative Writing, Media Studies, Languages, and Milano

    The Schools of Public Engagement are designed for the intellectually curious and creative, at all stages of life and career, who are passionate about social justice around the world. Our innovative graduate and undergraduate programs integrate real-world practice with cutting-edge theory and teach students to question what others take for granted.

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