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    • Courses in Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism survey the history of publishing, starting with the dawn of the mechanical printing press, through today's world of interactive design. Seminar classes cover the “worlds built by words” that first flourished in the Renaissance and continue through the evolution of digital media, including tweets and social networking.

      Courses from the curriculum include:

      • Creative Publishing & Critical Journalism
        Readings include texts by Anthony Grafton, Mathew Arnold, Oscar Wilde, Walter Benjamin, Theodor Adorno, George Orwell, and others.
      • Design & The Future of Publishing
        A hands-on studio course that will begin with projects that investigate typography, image, composition, sequence, and order, with the aim to design and publish something that demonstrates a point of view.
      • Creative Publishing & Critical Journalism: Fieldwork Seminar
        Students will meet with individuals and groups at the vanguard of the media evolution on-site at their offices around New York City.
      • Journalism, Media & Publishing: Basic Skills Intensive
        Topics covered include structural and copy editing; book and magazine production; social media, analytics and digital marketing; interview and research strategies for investigative journalism; freelance writing; and career preparedness.
      • The Personal and the Political in Creative Nonfiction
        How does a writer shape his or her personal experience into work that speaks to issues of general political and social importance? In this course, we examine short pieces by a wide range of writers who have used the first person to report on current events, engage with public figures, and reflect on social or cultural phenomena.
      • Freedom by Design
        A recurrent concern will be the paradox of trying to discern patterns in social interaction and history, and then, in accordance with these forms, to design a freer and more just society.
      • MultimediaLab
        In this collaborative, hands-on seminar, students will be given the dual experience of independent project creation and a collaborative public-facing product launch by the course’s end. The focus is on advanced writing and editing, research, hands-on design, and distribution for print.
      • Master’s Seminar in Critical and Creative Writing
        An intensive workshop for students working on major writing projects such as an MA thesis, a piece of long-form journalism, or an integrated writing portfolio for professional use.
      • Histories of Political Media
        How are political ideas proposed, contested, and received? How do novel communications technologies and strategies expand, or restrict, participation in civic life? Can new media–pamphlets, oral communications, and aural, televisual and digital platforms–actually make history?
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