• Leadership

  • The New School for Social Research is supported and advised by a Board of Governors. Our Board is committed to upholding the core values that have defined our school since its beginning as the University in Exile and to fostering an intellectual environment that challenges orthodoxy, promotes public debate, and cultivates academic rigor.

    The NSSR Board of Governors upholds our mission to create a school of free inquiry for students and faculty of different ethnicities, religions, and geographical origins who are willing to challenge academic tradition, connect social theory to empirical observation, and take the intellectual and political risks necessary to improve social conditions.

    Board of Governors

    Susan L. Foote, PhD, Chair
    Paul Vidich, Vice Chair
    Howard N. Blitman, P.E.
    Barbara Eisold, PhD 
    Michael E. Gellert
    Diana Gordon, PhD
    Judith P. Hadlock
    Paul B. Marrow, Esq. 
    David E. McClean, PhD
    Caitlin McKoy, PhD
    Ilse Melamid
    Montie Mills Meehan, PhD
    Robert H. Mundheim, Esq.
    Robert N. Pollin, PhD
    David Poma
    Robin Schletter
    Bernard L. Schwartz
    Malcolm B. Smith
    Ambassador (ret.) Busso von Alvensleben
    Maria-Theresia von Alvensleben
    Guido Zanni, PhD

    Office of the Dean

    William Milberg
    212.229.5777 x3038

    Robert Kostrzewa
    Vice Dean
    212.229.5712 x3003

    Desiree Lavecchia
    Executive Assistant to the Dean
    212.229.5777 x3038

    Ellen Freeberg
    Associate Dean of Faculty and Curriculum
    212.229.5777 x3000

    Tsuya Yee
    Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs
    212.229.5712 x3005

    Seth Cohen
    Director of Operations
    212.229.5777 x3395

    Jennifer MacDonald
    Director, Center for Graduate Career and Professional Development
    212.229.5600 x1768

    Sherri Cohen
    Director of Communications
    212.295.5777 x 3019

    Kiril Glavev
    Associate Director of Faculty Affairs
    212.229.5777 x3039

    Joseph Warren
    Operations Manager
    212.229.5777 x3228

    Aleanna Sonnylal
    Executive Secretary
    212.229.5777 x3146

    P.J. Gorre
    Coordinator of Academic Affairs
    212.229.5712 x3004

    Roberto Montes
    Executive Secretary
    212.229.5712 x3001

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    The New School for Social Research
    Office of Admission
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    212.229.5600 or 800.523.5411

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