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New School Psychotherapy Program

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    The New School Psychotherapy Program (NSPP) is operated by the Clinical Psychology Program at the New School. We offer individual psychotherapy provided by New School Clinical Psychology PhD candidates under the supervision of licensed psychologists. Treatment is provided on an individualized basis and monitored carefully to ensure that clients’ goals are being met.

    All sessions are videotaped in order to ensure that therapy is progressing in a satisfactory fashion. These videotapes are reviewed by the therapists' supervisors. In addition, clients complete brief questionnaires before every session. Clients' responses to these questionnaires will help determine whether any changes are required to the treatment approach.

    Our Clients

    Our clients are adults from the greater New York area. Typical issues that bring people into therapy include relationship problems, difficulty managing stress, life transitions, depression, feeling stuck or conflicted about relationships or work, interpersonal conflicts and tensions, losses, difficulties finding the “right” romantic partner, or just a general sense of not getting what you want out of life.


    Therapy sessions last for about one hour (this includes a few minutes at the beginning of every session to fill out your treatment progress questionnaire). Sessions are usually scheduled once per week. 

    Clinical Supervisors

    Tessa Addison
    Daisy Alter
    Doris Chang
    Christopher Christian
    Wendy D'Andrea
    Martin Devine
    Judy Gold
    Paul Hymowitz 
    Judy Kaufman
    Sondra Leftoff
    Ernesto Mujica
    Danielle Novack
    Josie Oppenheim
    Carlos Padron
    Sharon Peled
    Olga Poznansky
    Erica Rosenthal
    Lisa Rubin
    Jeremy Safran
    Malini Singh
    Loren Soeiro
    Jenifer Talley
    McWelling Todman
    Aleksandra Wagner
    Carol Zeits


    The cost is $20.00 per session.

    The Next Step

    If you are interested in therapy or in finding out more about our program, call us today at 212.229.5700 x2478.

    You will speak with one of our intake interviewers on the phone, who will answer any questions you may have and ask you a series of questions to help determine if our program is right for you. If you and your interviewer decide to proceed further, we will schedule an in-person consultation during which a more detailed interview will be conducted. This consultation is free of charge. After this appointment, you will either be accepted to the program or be offered a well-informed referral.