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        Dana Leon

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        Charles Whitcroft

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        Sarah Chant

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      First nameLast nameEmailDegreeArea of study
      TamaraÁlvarez alvat032@newschool.eduPhD Air, Sky & Outer Space; Subterranean Geographies; Human-Technology-Environment Relations; Space Exploration; Cosmologies; Atlantic Settler-Colonial Histories; Europe; the Moon.
      Personal Website
      KylieBenton Connell kyliebc@newschool.eduPhDFinance, infrastructure, value creation, politics of circulation
      Personal Website
      TylerBoersen boert860@newschool.eduPhDHistories of Insolvency, Globalization of Insolvency Law, Economization, Anthropology and History, Political and Legal Anthropology, Greece, European Union
      Personal Website
      ChellieBowman bowmc969@newschool.eduPhD
      ScottBrown brows074@newschool.eduPhD
      Sarah Chant chans932@newschool.eduPhD
      KatyayaniDalmia dalmk559@newschool.eduPhDSkin Colour, Beauty and Appearance, Subjectivity and Relationality, Everyday Experience of Caste and Social Differentiation, Urban Life in North India
      KatherynDetwiler detwk882@newschool.eduPhD
      VolkanEke ekev380@newschool.eduPhD
      JasonEuren eurej495@newschool.eduPhD
      MarianaGarcia Arias garcm743@newschool.eduPhD
      BrieGettleson gettb757@newschool.eduPhDFemicide, post-conflict violence, Guatemala/ Central America, democracy, human rights, and new forms of militarism and state-security.
      FrederickHoward howaf578@newschool.eduPhDSettler Colonial Studies, Political Violence, Sovereignty, Indigenous Studies, Native American Studies, Critical Theory, Post-Colonial Theory, Citizenship, Political and Legal Anthropology, Philosophy, Nationalist Imaginaries, Governmentality, Liberal Recognition, Archives, and Ethnographic Methods
      RandiIrwin irwir459@newschool.eduPhDNatural resources; sovereignty and decolonization; legal anthropology; financialization and futures markets; anthropology of value; property regimes in contested territories; Western Sahara
      Chi ChungLau lauc40@newschool.eduPhD
      DanaLeon leond415@newschool.eduPhD
      FelipeMeres meref772@newschool.eduPhD
      MoonAndrew moona071@newschool.eduPhD
      VaidaNorvilaite norvv143@newschool.eduPhD
      RheaRahman rahmar92@newschool.eduPhD
      WilliamScarlett scarw071@newschool.eduPhD
      EmilySekine sekie291@newschool.eduPhDEarthquakes and other disasters; human relationships with nature and animals; the history of seismology; Japan and East Asia
      Chang-ChenShen shenc127@newschool.eduPhD
      MarisaSolomon solom270@newschool.eduPhD
      Liliana GilSousa sousl213@newschool.eduPhDImprovisation and technological practice, critical perspectives on innovation, unconventional spaces of technoscience, industrial histories, skill and expertise, Latin America, Brazil
      Personal Website
      AlexiosTsigkas tsiga894@newschool.eduPhDTaste; value; commodity studies; aesthetics; economic anthropology; tea; Sri Lanka
      Ana MariaUlloa Garzon ulloa947@newschool.eduPhDFood and the senses; flavor research; relations between science, food industry, and gastronomy; United States/Spain.
      CedricWilliams willc261@newschool.eduPhD
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