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Liberal Studies

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    MA in Liberal Studies

    A Self-Directed Interdisciplinary Master's Program

    Free inquiry and intellectual rigor: the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies is a distinctive academic experience that gives students access to faculty and courses across The New School. The program offers an interdisciplinary approach to the humanities and social sciences. Each student designs an individual path of study by defining a research subject and taking relevant courses. The experience culminates in the writing of an original master's thesis.

    Design Your Own Course Of Study

    Except for two required seminars (Eros and Civilization and the Proseminar in Intellectual History and Cultural Studies), all courses are electives, chosen by the student in consultation with a faculty advisor. The Liberal Studies curriculum covers historical and contemporary philosophy, intellectual history, literature, arts, media, critical theory, publishing, and writing.

    While students are free to take any combination of approved courses they wish, the faculty is especially strong in four areas of study:

    1. Intellectual History and Modern Thought
    2. Literature, the Arts, and Aesthetics
    3. Criticism and Publishing
    4. Media and Culture

    Career Opportunities

    The MA in Liberal Studies is designed to meet the needs of both traditional and nontraditional graduate students. Some students expect to enter or advance in careers in journalism, publishing, research, teaching, creative writing, media and nonprofit administration, and other professions that value critical thinking and a broad knowledge base. Some seek to establish a strong intellectual base before deciding on a PhD program that appeals to their interests. The Liberal Studies MA prepares students for a wide range of academic and professional placements.

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