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    • The breadth of dissertations produced by economics doctoral students at The New School for Social Research speaks to the range of scholarship and diversity of interests among the department's graduates.


      Joana David Avritzer
      Three Essays on Growth, Income Distribution and Household Debt

      Kyle Douglas Glenn
      Essays on Wages, Skills, and Consumer Behavior

      Luiza Nassif Pires
      Identity Conflict and Functional Income Distribution: Essays on Gender, Class Solidarity, and the Wage-Profit Frontier

      Siavash Radpour
      Retirement Wealth Inequality: A Critical and Institutional Review

      Ilan Strauss 
      An Investigation into Changing Investment Dynamics by Firms

      Isabella Maria Weber
      Essays on Theories of Money and International Trade


      Francisco Jesus Aldape
      Essays in the History of Economics and Economic Policy during the Interwar Gold Standard

      Deon Frederick Gibson

      Three Essays on the Wage Share-Unemployment Relationship

      Jesse Hajer
      The Political Economy of Social Impact Bonds 

      Juan E. Jacobo Vazquez
      Essays on the Statistical Modeling of Classical Macrodynamics

      Maria Angela Parra
      Prebisch and Singer in a Global Value Chains World: Essays on Manufacturing and Commodities Terms of Trade

      Ibrahim Shikaki
      Distribution & Growth in Politically-Contested Economies: Measurement and Applications in Palestine

      Noe Wiener
      Essays on Labor Mobility and Segmentation


      Keith Blackwell
      Entropy Constrained Behavior in Financial Markets, a Quantal Response Statistical Equilibrium Approach to Financial Modeling

      Monica Lisette Hernandez Chavez
      Essays on the Political Economy of Co-operation and Co-ordination

      Samar Issa
      Life After Debt: Inquiry into Bank Leverage

      Ingrid Harvold Kvangraven
      Essays on Global Development, Trade and Finance

      Ozlem Omer
      Essays on Modeling Housing Market Behavior, Income Distribution and Wealth Concentration

      Damian Nicholas Parker
      Amalgamation of Capital - A Treatise on Wealth Distributions

      Houda Rabah
      Restricted Portfolio Management: The Case of Islamic Finance

      Catherine Ruetschlin
      Intra-Industry Occupational Segregation: Measuring The Role of Race & Ethnicity in Occupational Hierarchies

      Luis Daniel Torres Gonzalez
      Essays on Prices of Production and the Interindustry Structure of Technology and Demand

      Jangho Yang
      Essays on the Statistical Equilibrium Model of Technical Change


      Jeronim Capaldo
      Essays On the Macroeconomics of Global Trade Expansion

      Katherine Moos
      Essays on the Theory and Political Economy of Economic Policy

      Oliver Picek
      Essays in Macroeconomic Policy of the Euro Area

      Jermaine Toney
      Essays on the Stratification in Wealth in the United States


      Steven Bollon
      Generalized and Weight Constrained Mean-Variance Efficient Portfolio Selection for the U.S. Public-Sector Pension Plan

      Anthony Bonen
      Essays in Shareholder Value, the Cost of Equity, and Investment Cycles

      Mary Borrowman
      Essays on Gendered Labor Market Outcomes, International Trade and Economic Development

      Raphaele Chappe
      A Portfolio-Based Study on Wealth Accumulation and Distribution

      Mark Knell
      Three Essays on the Economics of Transition

      Rishabh Kumar
      Essays on Wealth and Capital in the Contemporary U.S. Economy

      Francisco Martinez Hernandez
      The Political Economy of Real Exchange Rate Behavior: Theory and Empirical Evidence for Developed and Developing Countries

      Bhargavi Ramamurthy
      Consumer Expenditures, Household Production and Inflation: Gender and Macroeconomic Considerations

      Enno Schroeder
      Euro Area Imbalances: Three Essays on Offshoring, Expenditure Growth, and Expenditure Switching

      Sinem Sonmez
      Macroeconomic Response to Oil Price Shocks From 1970-2013

      Ibrahim Tahri Lamtahri
      New Empirical Methods and Approaches to Keynesian Macroeconomics


      Daniela Arias 
      Essays on the Dynamics of Employment and Income Distribution

      Jacob Assa
      The Financialization of GDP: Essays in the Political Economy of National Accounting

      Katherine Elizabeth Bahn
      The ABCs of Labor Market Frictions: New Estimates of Monopsony for Early Career Teachers in the U.S. and Implications for Caring Labor

      Arkady Gevorkyan
      Financial Volatility and Macroeconomics: Exploring Dynamics in CDS Spreads, Energy Commodities, and Weather Derivatives

      Joshua Greenstein
      Growth and Distribution, Structural Change, Deindustrialization, Welfare Economics

      Johann Kaspar Jaeckel
      Essays on Labor Discipline

      Bhavani Khandrika
      Essays on Economics of Technical Change & Effects of R&D on Labor Productivity of the States in the U.S.

      Lebogang Mateane
      Three Essays in Macroeconomics and Finance

      Michal Padway
      Differential Impact of Income Inequality on Health Risks

      Lenore Palladino
      New York City's Stock Transfer Tax: Revenue and Employment Impacts

      Bhargavi Ramamurthy
      Consumer Expenditures, Household Production and Inflation: Gender and Macroeconomic Considerations

      Ellis Scharfenaker
      Essays on Inference in Economics, Competition, and the Rate of Profit

      Lauren Schmitz
      How Socioeconomic Status Shapes Health: Essays on the Biological and Social Determinants of Human Welfare At Older Ages

      Gregor Semieniuk
      Essays in Energy, Technical Change and Competition 

      Cameron Weber
      Dissertation Concerning a Political Economy of Art with Emphasis on the United States of America


      Obioma Ebisike 
      Inquiry into U.S. Banks' Exposures to Mortgage Securities

      Eloy Arturo Fisher Hogan
      Essays in the Political and Macroeconomic Dynamics of Public Finance and Social Policy

      Unurjargal Nyambuu
      Sustainable Growth, Exhaustible Resources, and the Environment in an Open Economy

      Dicle Ozdemir
      Essays on the U.S. Housing Market Dynamics and Boom-Bust Cycles

      Percival Pineda
      Essays in Financial Liberalization in ASEAN-4 Countries

      Amr Ashraf Ragab
      Three Essays on the Incomes of the Vast Majority

      Bhargavi Ramamurthy
      Consumer Expenditures, Household Production and Inflation: Gender and Macroeconomic Considerations

      Fernando Monteiro Rugitsky
      Essays on Growth, Distribution, and Finance: Studies on Kaleckian and Marxian Political Economy

      Daniel Scheer
      An Agent-Based Model of Skill Matching in the Labor Market

      Luis Alberto Villanueva Martinez
      Essays on the Political Economy of Growth and Inequality in Latin America

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