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  • Ingrid Harvold Kvangraven

    Expected Completion
    Spring 2018

    Curriculum vitae (PDF)

    Major Field
    Economic Development

    Dissertation Title

    Essays on Global Development, Trade, and Finance


    At the heart of my work is an analysis of the structural features of late development. With a regional focus on Africa, I also study the history of thought on development and analytically evaluate policy proposals. 

    In my research, I draw on the fields of development studies and international political economy, in addition to economics. For example, in one of the essays in my dissertation, I develop a classical-structuralist framework for understanding trade deficits through empirical investigation of a set of African countries. I find that countries that are less cost-competitive than their trading partners tend to have trade deficits and that the exchange rate does not adjust in order to eliminate this imbalance. To enrich this economic analysis, I draw on the effects of historical legacies of colonialism and the political economy of trade and production. In doing so, this essay analyzes the consequences of free trade for countries that are globally uncompetitive, but also examines why these countries lack competitiveness to begin with, and why it is so difficult for them to become globally competitive. 

    My work has been published in Review of Development Economicsand Development and Change

    I have designed and taught several undergraduate courses at The New School and John Jay College of Criminal Justice. At The New School’s Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts, I have served as a Teaching Fellow since 2016 and am currently teaching a course that I designed on Alternative Approaches to Economic Development.  In this course, students are presented with a variety of theoretical frameworks for understanding issues of economic development, in addition to concrete historical case studies. At John Jay, I most recently taught Global Economic Development and Crime, an introductory course on economic development. 

    Beyond the classroom, I am interested in promoting pluralism in the field of economics. I am a co-founder and current Advisory Board Member of Rethinking Economics Norway and coordinator of the INET-funded Economic Development Working Group of the Young Scholar’s Initiative. I recently co-edited Dependency Theory, which introduces the title concept to a general audience, and manage a blog that aims to stimulate fruitful debate on issues of economic development across fields. 

    If you are interested in having a conversation about my work, or have additional questions, please feel free to get in touch. You can also visit my website.

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