Special Conditions and Programs

  • Applicants who fall into any of the categories described below will be notified by Parsons in their admission letter.

    Summer intensive studies (SIS) Required

    Applicants will be be admitted on condition that they complete a Parsons summer program in drawing and painting before enrolling in the fall. The Admission Committee makes this determination at the time of the initial review so that applicants have ample time to make summer study plans. Information for the Summer Intensive Studies Program (SIS) can be found here.

    Early Admission of High School Juniors

    A limited number of students are admitted to the first-year Foundation Program after completion of their junior year of high school. Students interested in this program must submit SAT or ACT scores (or, if unavailable, PSAT scores) with their applications. Also, they must provide a letter from their high school confirming that they will be allowed to substitute the successful completion of the Parsons program for their regular senior year of high school. If subsequently admitted to Parsons, students will be required to submit their high school diploma to the Office of Admission before the beginning of their sophomore year at Parsons.

    visiting Student Status

    A limited number of applicants are selected to take courses at Parsons in a special program as non-matriculated students. Admission to this program is based on an evaluation of each applicant's background. Students interested in applying should follow the standard admission instructions for their program. Admission as a visiting student will be indicated in a student's acceptance letter. If you are interested in applying as a visiting student, please email us at

    ESL+Design Certificate

    Parsons and The New School for Public Engagement are offering a new joint pre-enrollment program for international students interested in degree study at Parsons. The new ESL+Design Certificate will replace the Summer Orientation Program for International Students (SOPIS). You can begin your studies now. Go to the English Language Studies department for more information.