Performing Arts

  • College of Performing Arts

    Discover a progressive artistic center housed within The New School. Our performing arts college in NYC, one of the world’s greatest cities for the arts, offers programs that nurture each individual artist. You'll benefit from a curriculum designed to cultivate fearless risk takers who go beyond the edge of the stage, discovering new ways to unleash your talents and potential. Learn more about our performing arts school in New York to find a new home in which to develop your art. For more details about our college, please explore individual school sites below or download our viewbook.

  • Mannes

    We have transformed the traditional music conservatory by integrating rigorous classical training with real-world experience and cross- disciplinary opportunities.



    We combine rigor with creative experimentation. Our work exemplifies imagination, social consciousness, and authenticity of expression.



    We are renowned across the globe for our artist-as-mentor approach and the largest internship program in New York City.


  • The 21st-Century Artist

    What makes a 21st-century artist? We believe it is finding new relevance for your art, reinventing convention, training like an artist, engaging with social issues, embracing collaboration, and navigating sustainable career opportunities. Welcome to The New School's College of Performing Arts.

  • Arts Management and Entrepreneurship MA

    Arts Management and Entrepreneurship MA

    This innovative new program empowers performing artists out in the world — musicians, composers, actors, directors, and playwrights — to advance their performance practices while acquiring the competencies needed to excel as independent artists, reinvent existing cultural organizations, and launch their own arts-related enterprises.

    Learn more.

  • Virtuosos of Tomorrow

    The future of performance is rapidly evolving. To establish sustainable and satisfying careers, today’s performers must be enterprising and innovative, flexible and fearless. Deans from the schools of Jazz, Mannes, and Drama at The New School explain how students explore a range of studies and methods—from collaborative practice to entertainment management to social justice—bringing about positive change in their creative fields and the world as a whole.

  • Collaborative Performances

    True to The New School’s dedication to collaborative excellence, students from the College of Performing Arts combined their array of talents to put on Mannes School of Music's first musical production, Happy End. The play, written by Bertolt Brecht, with music by Kurt Weill, brings together disciplines to illuminate the political conflict between a group of speakeasy gangsters and the Salvation Army in Chicago in 1919 — the founding year of The New School.

    One of the first collaborations between the three schools that make up our performing arts college, Happy End drew on a range of resources of this intimate university community. MFA Acting students from the School of Drama, along with Mannes voice students, served as the play's cast of characters, while Mannes and Jazz students brought to life Weill’s timeless compositions. Gary S. Fagin delivered world-class direction as guest conductor and music director, bringing together a rich and compelling production that evokes our political past and points to the college's bright future.

  • Courses for All

    Courses for All

    We offer a variety of courses specifically designed to allow all our performing artists to explore and unleash their creativity together.

    Improvisational Artists Lab

    Improvisation is an integral part of the creative process across artistic disciplines and this first experimental collaborative laboratory course offered by Jazz, Drama, and Mannes enables student performers from these different disciplines to interact using the common language of improvisation. Learn more about this course and others.

    Learn more about interdisciplinary courses at our performing arts schools


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