A small liberal arts college in the heart of New York City.

Eugene Lang Opportunity Awards

ELOAs make it easier for students with financial need and academic merit to participate in co-curricular programs and initiatives. Next award deadline: 2/17.


Serial and Lang

Deep into the new season of Serial? Learn about its beginnings and the Journalism+Design program at Lang.


Lang College Course Showcase

From soccer to chemistry to tall ships on the Hudson, explore a small sampling of the unique courses offered only at Lang.


The Lang College experience is designed for fiercely independent scholars. You will map out your own liberal arts curriculum.  You will immerse yourself in primary texts rather than textbooks, engage in small seminars rather than large lectures, work closely with involved faculty and be part of a community committed to social justice.  At Lang, you will experience intellectual freedom alongside scholarly rigor.  It’s why Lang students ask the big questions, challenge assumptions and study across all the New School disciplines.

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