Capitalism Studies

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    In the Capitalism Studies minor, students and faculty collaboratively develop interdisciplinary analytical approaches to an evolving socioeconomic phenomenon shaped by time and place. You examine capitalism’s basic logic, its various expressions, and its ability to structure political possibilities and endeavors. You acquire a basic understanding of economic concepts and reflect critically on international economic phenomena ranging from the industrialization and urbanization of China and India to the financialization of the United States and the Eurozone. You develop your ability to communicate your insights to a range of audiences.


    Undergraduate students from any school of the university who are not majoring in Liberal Arts can select a minor from Lang’s offerings. Similarly, Lang students who are not pursuing a BA or BS in Liberal Arts can select a minor from those offered in other schools, provided they meet the prerequisites and related requirements. Those majoring in Liberal Arts (BA or BS, Liberal Arts) can explore Capitalism Studies as a guided area of study.


    The minor in Capitalism Studies requires completion of the following five courses:

    Number of Courses

    Required Courses



    LANT 3017 Introduction to Capitalism Studies



    ULEC 2230 Introduction to Political Economy 



    Electives, chosen in consultation with the director of the program


    Total courses: 5 

    Total credits: 17-20

    Students must receive a grade of C or better in every course used to fulfill area of study requirements.

    The curriculum for this minor draws on undergraduate courses offered in the social sciences and humanities. Below are some classes that count toward the elective requirement for the minor. Course offerings may change and the semesters in which they are offered may vary. For updated course listings with descriptions, visit the Lang course finder.

    • LANT 2023 Money (Janet Roitman)
    • LCST 3225 Don't Blame the Robots: Technology and Inequality in the 21st Century (Trebor Scholz) 
    • LECO 2260 History of Development: Idea and Reality (Marjan Fadavi Ardekani)
    • LECO 3650 Behavioral Economics (Julia Puaschunder)
    • LECO 3760 Comparative Systems (Ying Chen)
    • LECO 4501 Historical Foundations of Political Economy 2 (Clara Mattei)
    • LHIS 3036 Oil, Energy, and Power in the 20th Century (Aaron George Jakes)
    • LHIS 4523 From Reagan to Obama (Eli Zaretsky)
    • LHIS 4546 Slavery, Race, Capitalism (Julia C. Ott)
    • LHIS 4567 America's Empires (Oz Frankel)
    • LPOL 3085 Eco-Socialist Critique (Nancy Fraser)
    • LSOC 3051 Critical Social Thought: The Problem of Nature and the Design of Society (Cinzia Arruzza)
    • NFDS 2001 Food, Global Trade, Development (Fabio Parasecoli, Sakiko Fukuda-Parr)
    • NHUM 2010 Race, Class, and Education (Carla Euphrates Kelly)
    • NANT 3423 Anthropology of Home (Rachel J. Heiman)
    • LSOC 2051 Social Movements (Rachel E. Sherman)