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Art making today extends far beyond the traditional disciplines of painting, drawing, and sculpture. Some artists appropriate images from popular culture to make politically charged statements; others repurpose materials and ideas from everyday life to challenge our notion of art.

It takes courage and a clear sense of direction to make art in this context of broad possibility. The BFA in Fine Arts program offers the guidance and resources you need to discover your own voice.

From Concept to Practice

Fine Arts exposes students to an array of studio practices, art ideas, and community and global relationships. Parsons artists learn to translate concepts into individual expression by using drawing, color, form, space, structure, and composition and by developing a solid understanding of tools and media. They embrace interdisciplinary approaches to thinking about visual culture and making art. Above all, they cultivate the intellectual, conceptual, and critical skills required to successfully launch their careers as professional artists.

from Self-Exploration to Self-Expression

In the first year of the curriculum, students who intend to major in Fine Arts can participate in exploratory exercises that enhance their visual and critical thinking skills. In the three years that follow, students immerse themselves in self-discovery and experimentation, supplementing their studio classes with elective courses in art history, theory, and liberal studies that further broaden their cultural, historical, and intellectual horizons.

This well-rounded training helps Parsons alumni place in prestigious exhibitions such as the Whitney Biennial.

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