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Materials and Methods
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The MFA in Fine Arts offers an exciting immersion into the world of art, familiarizing students with the means, the context, and the interpretation of art through intensive instruction in the many techniques available to contemporary creators. Students acquire a comprehensive understanding of both the material elements that compose artworks and the ideas that make them meaningful. Students develop their own individual voice and critical faculties through ongoing dialogue with a diverse faculty of arts professionals. They are provided with individualized attention and a variety of perspectives on art's place in the global culture.

From Concept to Creation

The MFA in Fine Arts is two-year, 60-credit program is based on a combination of studio, theory and professional practices classes committed to expanding the formal, intellectual, and conceptual work of students working within and across a wide variety of media such as performance, sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, installation and video. The program encourages students to create, present, and interpret their work with the intellectual rigor and refined skill required to become professional artists. Our curriculum unfolds around several central lines of study: Studio Visits one on one with our core faculty and Group Critique with fellow students; Critical Thinking courses, which will give you a cross section of critical theory and philosophy relevant to contemporary artists; Thesis Writing and Research to support individualized, personal research surrounding students’ work in the studio; Professional Practice will explore the politics and strategies of a wide variety of exhibition spaces that New York and will address art administration, grant writing, web design, the photographic documentation of work and many other practical aspects that students will need in the field, as well as the production of the catalogue for the thesis show. Additionally to these class lines we offer Advanced Studio electives which cover areas from film and video, to advanced painting, installation, sculpture, performance and ecological literacy and the Transdisciplinary Seminar, a class that looks at the way in which other fields are in dialogue with Fine Arts. Examples have been Art and Afro Futurism, Art and Poetry, Art and Science and Feminist Art Practices.

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