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Parsons Paris.


Parsons offers minors that enable you to further your study of art and design. You can also take courses and pursue minors offered in other divisions of The New School.

About Minors

Parsons students who have declared their majors are eligible to pursue a minor. Students are encouraged to complete two courses required by the minor and consult with their academic advisors before declaring a minor.

Minors are offered by Parsons and other colleges of The New School and are open to undergraduate students across the university. Eligibility may be restricted for some minors on the basis of area of study. Some minors can accept only a limited number of students because of constraints on facilities or the need for a specific level of skill in a particular field; these minors may require an application for admission.

The minor declaration process for Parsons students will begin in May 2014. Forms and instructions pertaining to this process will be available at that time. Students interested in registering for a minor should download and review this information sheet to understand their academic options.

University Minors

Visit the University Minors page for more information about minors that are currently available orĀ  in development through other colleges of The New School: Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts, The New School for Drama, and The New School for Public Engagement.

Parsons Minors

Parsons offers minors in the areas of study listed below. Visit the page for each minor to view the description, eligibility requirements, and course options.