Integrated Design (BFA)

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The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Integrated Design focuses on innovation in art and design grounded in an understanding of design as a driver of social change. This curriculum is built around a uniquely collaborative project-based studio core and uses all the resources of Parsons and The New School to explore new, interdisciplinary pathways in art and design and address the social and environmental challenges of our time.

Cross-Disciplinary Study

Integrated Design is a flexible major. Students have opportunities to take courses offered by any of the programs in the School of Design Strategies and by other programs across Parsons and the university. In art and design history and theory courses and related studio classes, students acquire essential research, writing, and critical reasoning skills and develop conceptual foundations for a life of creative inquiry. BFA students have a range of self-directed options when selecting studio credits. The program's elective courses are open to all New School students.

Future Opportunities

The Integrated Design program prepares students for many design careers or for advanced design study. Since the program's core incorporates multiple emergent design fields, graduates find careers paths in a wide range of creative industries and public service, including work in firms requiring large-scale systems and design experience. Many graduates combine design with entrepreneurship by starting innovative design businesses.

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