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Academic Policies

The Parsons Catalog sets forth academic policies and procedures relating to academic integrity and honesty, transfer credits, academic regulations and procedures, grades and grading, grade appeal policy, grades of incomplete, academic standing and progress, attendance, and program requirements. You are responsible for knowing and understanding the policies and procedures published in the catalog.


Taking a Leave of Absence

Students in good academic standing who need to interrupt their studies for personal reasons should petition for a leave of absence by meeting with the advisor in their school and completing the official Exit Form. Leaves of absence are typically approved for one or two semesters, depending on the curriculum and academic requirements of the program and the nature of the student's request. Medical leaves of absence require appropriate documentation.

Withdrawing from a Degree Program

Students who wish to withdraw completely from the university must meet with the advisor in their school and complete the official Exit Form. A student who withdraws and later wishes to return to the university must reapply through the Office of Admission.


Students seeking to return to the university after an extended period away must apply for readmission.

Situations requiring readmission are as follows:

  • Dismissal
  • Unofficial or approved exit from Parsons without returning for four semesters (two academic years)
  • Official withdrawal from a Parsons degree program

If you left Parsons for any of these reasons, you will need to complete the Readmission Application (PDF).

The readmission application requires you to write a Letter of Intent. Your letter should include relevant information regarding reasons for leaving Parsons; academic status at the time of departure; activities since leaving, including study at other institutions; and future goals.

If you have enrolled elsewhere (including other divisions of The New School) since you last attended Parsons, please include an official transcript of your course of study.

If health difficulties affected your course of study at Parsons, please provide an update on your health and a recommendation from a qualified medical or mental health clinician.

If you have been working, it is helpful to include a recommendation from your employer.

Some applicants may also be required to submit a portfolio.

Deadlines: You must submit the complete readmission application no later than August 1 to be considered for readmission in the fall semester and no later than November 15 for readmission in the spring semester.

If you have any questions about the readmission criteria or process, please call the Office of Advising at 212.229.5855 or write to


Students may take summer courses for transfer credit at another institution provided they

  1. Are in good academic standing
  2. Have not already transferred the maximum number of credits allowed
  3. Have completed all required first-year courses
  4. Have obtained pre-approval from a Parsons advisor to transfer the credit

Bring the summer course catalog from the other institution to your advisor and complete the Permission to Take Courses at Another Institution form (PDF).

Note: Because each Parsons program has a carefully structured, sequential curriculum, approval is rarely given to take core program courses at another institution.

Declaring or changing your major [+]

If you are a student entering First Year in 2015–2016, please follow the process outlined below:

  1. Attend regular program information events and/or meet with program leadership and your advisor to discuss the process of declaring or changing your major.
  2. For priority consideration, submit your declaration request no later than March 1 for the following fall term.
  3. The request consists of the application form, a brief statement (maximum of 250 words) which includes a link to your Learning Portfolio and an unofficial transcript.
  4. You will be notified as to the status of your request by April 1. Students for whom the change is not approved will be placed on a waitlist when possible.
  5. Requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis after the deadline, though you are strongly encouraged to apply by the deadline for the greatest possibility of accommodation.
  6. While every attempt is made to accommodate timely declarations, certain faculty, space and safety considerations may constrain the size of some programs. For those programs, a competitive review will be undertaken.

    For students who entered prior to 2015–2016, please consult with your academic advisor about options for changing your major.


If you wish to complete your degree at a campus other than the one at which you're currently studying, such as Parsons Paris, you must complete the appropriate campus change application below. You must be majoring in a discipline offered by the campus to which you wish to transfer, and you must be in good academic standing (2.0 GPA or higher for undergraduate students, 3.0 or higher for graduate students). Change of campus requests are approved on a case-by-case basis, provided space is available. Students wishing to study at another campus for one or two semesters should refer to the Study Abroad policies.

Undergraduate Students
Undergraduate Campus Change Policy and Procedures (PDF)
Undergraduate Campus Change Application 

Graduate Students
Graduate Campus Change Policy and Procedures (PDF)
Graduate Campus Change Application 

Catalog archive [+]

Your degree requirements for graduation are based on your catalog year. Your catalog year is determined on the basis of the year you entered Parsons as well as the degree program you entered as an incoming student:

  • BFA, BBA, and BS students who entered Parsons as freshmen should refer to the catalog that corresponds with their academic year of entry.
  • BFA, BBA, and BS students who entered as sophomore transfers should refer to the catalog one academic year before their academic year of entry.
  • BFA, BBA, and BS students who entered as junior transfer students should refer to the catalog two academic years before their academic year of entry.
  • AAS students, regardless of transfer credit, and all MFA, MA, and MS students should refer to the catalog that corresponds with their academic year of entry.

Current Parsons students can also find the degree requirements corresponding to their catalog years in DegreeWorks.