Study Abroad

  • There are a number of ways for Parsons students to study abroad and for students from other schools to study at Parsons.

    Study abroad opportunities are administered by Parsons' Global Initiatives office and include international options for undergraduate and graduate students. Global Initiatives also places incoming students from Parsons' exchange partner institutions and visiting students from other countries.

    Please see the list of frequently asked questions below, and explore our exchange partners, the policies and procedures for your major, and information on studying at Parsons Paris.

  • What are the study abroad options for Parsons students?

    Parsons offers three main ways to study abroad:

    • Parsons Paris: Students can study at Parsons Paris for up to one year as a mobility student, depending on their major. Studying at Parsons Paris offers students the flexibility of taking New School courses abroad while learning in the Parisian context and having the opportunity to live in Paris. The One Degree Two Cities (1D2C) program allows new and current Parsons students to have half their undergraduate experience in both cities. Admitted Parsons students must apply in their first year of study. Students applying to Parsons can elect this option during the admissions process.
    • Exchange Programs: Parsons partners with some of the best art and design institutions around the world to give our students the opportunity to study in different cultural contexts.
    • Direct Application Programs: Other opportunities for studying abroad exist through programs not affiliated with Parsons.

    When can I study abroad?

    The majority of students who choose to study abroad do so for one semester at Parsons during their junior year. Please consult the study abroad policy for your major to learn about your options.

    Depending on your major and where you would like to study, you can study abroad from one semester to one academic year.

    We recommend speaking with your academic advisor in planning coursework before the semester you plan on studying abroad.

    MajorTime Abroad
    Architectural Design BFA Spring Semester Junior Year / KTH Fall Semester Senior Year
    Communication Design BFA All Spring Semester Junior Year / Parsons Paris either semester Junior Year
    Design and Technology BFA Either semester Junior Year
    Environmental Studies BS Spring Semester Junior Year
    Fashion Design BFA Either semester Junior Year
    Fine Arts BFA Spring Semester Junior Year
    Illustration BFA Spring Semester Junior Year
    Integrated Design Either semester Junior Year
    Photography BFA Spring Semester Junior Year
    Product Design BFA Spring Semester Junior Year / Chiba Fall Semester Senior Year
    Strategic Design and Management BBA Parsons Paris either semester Sophomore Year / All programs either semester of Junior Year
    Urban Design BS Spring Semester Junior Year

    How and when do I apply to study abroad?

    Parsons Global Initiatives offers events throughout the year to help you plan your experience abroad. It is never too early to start planning; students are encouraged to attend information events up to two years in advance.

    To begin thinking about studying abroad, students should understand what ­type of programs Parsons offers and which of these programs are appropriate for their major. Most of this information can be found on this website. However, if you would like to book a one-on-one study abroad appointment, you can do this via the Student Success Network.

    Applications are reviewed for study abroad twice a year:

    • Deadline for Spring 2017 Direct/Exchange and Spring 2017 Parsons Paris: 

      October 7, 2016
    • Deadline for Fall 2017 Direct/Exchange and Fall 2017/Spring 2018 Parsons Paris: 

      March 3, 2017

    Whom can I contact about the study abroad process?

    Parsons Global Initiatives will help direct any questions you have to the various offices, institutions, and individuals you will come across in the application process. If you have general questions, feel free to email us at

    Office of Global Initiatives
    66 Fifth Avenue, room 604
    New York, NY 10011
    T: 212.229.8950 F: 212.243.1420

    Meredith Mullane, Associate Dean for Global Initiatives
    Contact Meredith for questions about logistics, including application procedures and registration, and Parsons’ global partnerships and future international development.