Fellowships, Scholarships, Assistantships, and Awards

Scholarship Application Procedures

The school awards scholarships on an annual basis. The fellowship and special scholarships application deadline for new students is January 15; the scholarship application deadline for continuing students is March 1. The following materials and procedures are used in the aid application process.

New Students
Students who complete the application process by January 15 will be considered for full fellowship awards. Applications received or completed after January 15 are considered for partial scholarship awards and other forms of financial aid on a rolling basis. Prospective students should visit our admission page for more information.

Continuing Students
Students already receiving scholarship support do not need to submit a new application. An additional application and supplemental materials are required to apply for the University Fellowship, the Statue Foundation Fellowship in Clinical Psychology for Immigrants and Refugees, and Dissertation Fellowships. These forms are available in the Office of Academic Affairs and Scholarships or online at the beginning of the spring semester; the deadline to apply is March 1.

Assistantship Application Procedures
Information regarding department assistantship application procedures and forms are available in the Office of Academic Affairs and Scholarships in early spring semester; the deadline to apply is March 1. The Provost's office offers teaching assistantship and fellowship opportunities to eligible graduate students to assist with or teach undergraduate courses. Information and application forms are available on the provost's website.

Eligibility for Institutional Scholarship Support
The allocation of institutional financial aid at The New School for Social Research is based both on academic performance and financial need. Normally, awards are extended through the first two (MA) to three (PhD) years of study provided the student maintains steady and successful progress in a degree program and continues to show financial need. Guidelines (PDF) for the awarding and renewal of aid are established by the Committee on Admissions, Awards, and Scholarships. Only degree candidates are eligible for institutional scholarships. Note: The New School seldom provides institutional awards to cover doctoral candidacy fees or tuition for students enrolled less than full time.

The minimum academic standards for non-institutional aid programs, such as Federal Stafford Loans, are generally less stringent than the standards for New School scholarships and fellowships. Current minimum academic standards for aid eligibility are available from the university's Office of Student Financial Services. All aid recipients should note that carrying forward incomplete grades (such as I, NP, or N) to future semesters may jeopardize academic progress and result in disqualification from receiving all forms of aid, including federal and state funds. An academic review of all students is conducted each year, and students are notified by their departments as to their academic progress.

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