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Summer Studies in Constructed Environments

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The Summer Program in Constructed Environments is a five-week program for current college students and college graduates of any age interested in investigating and preparing for a career in architecture, interior design, or lighting design. This rigorous studio-based program immerses students in all aspects of architecture studies including design, drawing, digital representation and computer skills, architectural analysis, and design history and theory.


The program's comprehensive curriculum is designed to prepare applicants for admission to professional degree programs (MArch, MFA in Interior Design, or MFA in Lighting Design) at Parsons and other competitive graduate schools. 

In this full-day program, students attend three-hour workshops each morning that alternate drawing and digital representation classes with classes that cover the history and theory of architecture in New York City. Students attend four-hour afternoon sessions in the design studio, working with one another and with the faculty. In the program, New York City and its greater region serves as a context for understanding architecture's role in the built environment and its relationship to sustainability and globalism.

Parsons is located close to the Architecture Center, the Museum of Modern Art, the Storefront for Art and Architecture, and the Chelsea art gallery district. Site visits to these institutions, as well as to local architecture offices, are an important part of the curriculum. Students participate in weekly site visits or walking tours of architecturally significant buildings in New York City.

You can view past examples of student work here.


The faculty is made up of respected professional architects and scholars drawn from New York City's international design community. All summer program instructors are members of Parsons' faculty and are supported by senior-level graduate teaching assistants.

Campus and Classroom

Located in Greenwich Village near Union Square and situated within Parsons School of Design, the School of Constructed Environments is an internationally recognized center for the study of the built environment. Its small size, atelier atmosphere, and urban environment provide a unique and collegial context for the pursuit of professional and pre-professional education in architecture, interior design, and lighting. Classes take place in our large open-plan loft studios located at 25 East 13th Street.

Students in this program may live in New School residence halls convenient to the Parsons Village campus. Visit Summer Housing for more details.

College Credit

Students who successfully complete the Summer Studies in Constructed Environments program earn four undergraduate college credits.


Students are expected to provide their own art supplies. A list of required and recommended materials is distributed by the faculty. Expenses for most courses are estimated at $400. Lockers are provided for storage during the program.


Registration for Summer Studies in Constructed Environments begins in late fall. Visit  Registration for more details. Early registration is advised.