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  • Students interested in discussing fellowships and looking at sample statements and proposals are encouraged to visit Lang's Academic Advising Office. Find information about Lang fellowships at the bottom of this page and explore the resources below for additional funding opportunities.

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    Fellowships at The New School

    In addition to exploring Lang's fellowships, be sure to check out these other opportunities at The New School:

    Fellowships at Lang

    At Lang, there are numerous opportunities for our students to connect their interests to real-world experiences outside of the classroom through Lang-sponsored fellowships, grants, and symposia. 

  • Lang Academic Fellows

    Lang Academic Fellows are nominated by faculty to assist with individual courses that the students have previously taken or that they are otherwise qualified to assist with. Fellows work closely with faculty, attend the course on a regular basis, and meet frequently with students taking the course to work with them on their writing, reading, and academic practices. The emphasis of the program is on Academic Fellows' helping students with their broader intellectual, creative, and critical thinking. In addition, Academic Fellows meet once a week in seminar to study the theory and practice of pedagogy. Lang Academic Fellows earn four credits. Please note: An instructor must nominate each Academic Fellow; following the nomination, there is a writing submission and short interview process with the Academic Fellow’s instructor. The course is by permission only. For further information, contact Jennifer Firestone, director of Academic Fellows,

    Civic Engagement and Social Justice: Mini-Grants at Lang

    Deadline: First Friday of every month: October 5, November 2, December 7, January 4, February 1, March 1, April 5, May 3. Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply at least six to eight weeks before the proposed project or initiative date. 
    Website and Application
    Focus: Civic engagement, social justice, activism, on-campus project funding  
    Eligibility Criteria: Current full-time Lang students and groups that include at least one Lang student. Awards can cover tangible costs or material fees related to applicant projects. Mini-grants cannot be used to pay for compensation of time worked on projects, study abroad program fees, or tuition. However, they can be used to pay for guest speaker honoraria and fees. 
    Amount: Individuals can apply for up to $750 in funding per semester; groups can apply for $1,500 per semester. Priority is given to students who have not previously received funding from CESJ.

    Endorsement: A faculty, staff, or advisor reference is strongly recommended but not required. 
    Application Components
    : Application by online form only:

    The Office of Civic Engagement and Social Justice at Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts (Lang CESJ) offers small grants to individual and groups of students to support student programming, research costs, activism, creative projects, or other work that focuses on social justice or civic engagement. 

    Past awards have funded needs like production costs for an exhibition on Salvadoran migration and displacement, supplies for a theater project with young women in I Have A Dream Foundation's programs, travel to a reproductive justice conference, and food for a student-organized conference on urban community and environmental health.

    Full information is accessible at

    Civic Engagement and Social Justice: Summer Internship Grants at Lang

    Deadline: Application deadline Wednesday, May 1
    Website and Application Form:
    Social justice, activism, summer internships 
    Eligibility Criteria:
    Current full-time Lang students and graduating seniors. Priority will be given to applicants who have not received funding from Lang CESJ in the previous academic year, DACA students, students affected by the executive order travel ban, and applicants with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Eligible internships include part-time and full-time internships (any location) that require at least 160 hours over the course of the summer, would otherwise be unpaid, and are dedicated to a social justice mission. Applicants should have been offered internships by the time they apply.
    Grants of up to $2,800
    Contact information for the internship supervisor is required, as they will be contacted during the application process.
    Application Components:
    Application by online form only 

    Lang Civic Engagement and Social Justice (Lang CESJ) dedicates funding to Lang students who are pursuing summer internships committed to social justice values, practice, and/or scholarship. Selected grantees will be required to participate in a mid-summer gathering, complete a written reflection, and present their work at a fall mixer event on campus. Please read the full details on the application form website before applying. 

    can be directed to

    Civic Liberal Arts Student Fellowships at Lang

    Deadline: April 2019
    Contact: Please email Civic Liberal Arts director Danielle Goldman at to request an application form.
    Focus: Liberal arts in New York City
    Amount: Student Fellows are compensated on the basis of the type of class they take: 

    • 4-credit courses: $1,000 (approximately 50 hours of work per semester)
    • 2-credit intensives: $500 (approximately 25 hours of work per semester)

    Earn credit and money while you learn. Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts seeks Student Fellows for all Civic Liberal Arts courses offered every semester. These awards are competitive on the basis of demonstrated aptitude in the field of study for which the student has applied. The selected fellows receive stipends for performing supervisory tasks designated by the faculty and the Visiting Fellows, the latter being our community partners in the arts and humanities. Tasks might include research assistance, website design and maintenance, and technological aid and demonstration. This is an unusual opportunity for undergraduate students to assume teaching assistant responsibilities while learning and receiving course credit.  

    Dean's Honor Symposium

    Application-based opportunity for students to showcase their research and creative projects on interdisciplinary panels or through posters.

    Deadline: October 5, 2018
    Contact: Jennifer Riegle

    Eugene Lang Opportunity Awards

    Deadline: Rolling deadlines. Applications are due by 5:00 p.m. for each deadline.

    • November 2, 2018
    • March 1, 2019
    • April 12, 2019

    Webpage and Application Form:
     Civic engagement, social justice, research, study abroad 
    Eligibility Criteria: Eligible applicants will:

    • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA
    • Be matriculated degree students of Eugene Lang College
    • Demonstrate financial need

    Students receiving federal Pell Grants are given priority consideration.

    Amount: A number of awards of up to $5,000 are made every fall and spring semester and every winter and summer break. Funds are limited and are distributed competitively according to the college's judgment of the educational quality and budget of a student's proposal and his or her financial need and academic standing.
    : A faculty, staff, or advisor reference is strongly recommended but not required. 
    Application Components
    : Personal statement, financial statement, résumé, current academic transcript and financial aid award (printed from MyNewSchool), recommendation

    Eugene Lang Opportunity Awards make it easier for students with financial need and academic merit to participate in the many co-curricular programs and initiatives available at Lang. A number of awards up to $5,000 are made every fall and spring semester and every winter and summer break. There are two distinct categories of Opportunity Awards: 

    • Innovation Awards are awarded competitively to fund students' self-designed co-curricular and extracurricular educational activities.
    • Outreach Awards are awarded competitively to students who need financial assistance in order to take part in institutional co-curricular activities offered by Lang and/or the university, such as those developed by Civic Engagement and Social Justice, Career Development, and Study Abroad.

    Full information is accessible at

    First Year Fellows

    First Year Fellows mentor a class of incoming first-year students to help them make a smooth transition to Lang and engage with the campus community. Fellows lead seminar workshops with their assigned group of first-year students throughout the fall semester and meet weekly in a Teaching and Learning Seminar with other Fellows to develop and strengthen their teaching, mentoring, and facilitation practice. The Teaching and Learning Seminar will be taught by Professor Natalia Mehlman Petrzela, chair of the First-Year Program.

    Fellows help new students make the transition to college by counseling them on good study habits, academic planning, time management skills, critical thinking abilities, seminar discussion techniques, and personal health and safety awareness. They also introduce new students to social justice theory and practice at Lang. Qualified students earn up to three credits for serving as First Year Fellows, following training in May and August and enrollment in the Teaching and Learning Seminar in the fall.

    Application Deadline: February 15, 2019

    Learn more and apply:

    Returning Fellows, apply here:

    Global Ambassador Awards at Lang

    Deadline: October 1, 2018 (Spring Ambassadors); March 1, 2019 (Summer/Fall Ambassadors)
    Webpage and Application
     Civic engagement, global learning, mentoring
    Eligibility Criteria: Current full-time Eugene Lang College students
    Amount: Awards up to $5,000 for a Lang study abroad program 

    Global Ambassadors are Lang students selected by the Dean’s Office of Student Engagement and Global Programs to promote global learning experiences through study abroad and by building connections and helping fellow students develop an international dimension to their academic experience. As a Global Ambassador, you will share your experiences by posting on Lang’s social media while abroad and helping make study abroad even better by providing feedback on your program. Once you return from your study abroad trip, you will be involved in outreach activities including peer advising, tabling at events throughout campus, and presenting on study abroad during classroom visits.

    Global Ambassadors also represent Lang in year-round programs such as Orientation, Study Abroad fairs, the Dean's Honor Symposium, Cultural Heritage Months, International Week, and International Education Week. In addition, Global Ambassadors serve as peer mentors and work one-on-one with international and exchange students to help them acclimate to life at Lang, at The New School, and in the United States.


    Mohn Family Science and Social Justice Fellowship at Lang

    Competitive merit-based fellowship that enables students who are interested in science and social justice work but who cannot accommodate an unpaid internship or research experience to build professional/STEM skills in a justice-focused nonprofit organization that can also make connections to arts, design, communication, and social research. Existing partners include Public Health Solutions and the New York Academy of Medicine. More partners are being developed, and students can identify their own organizations for review as well.

    Deadline: April 12, 2019
    Learn more and apply:
    Contact: Katayoun Chamany at

    Science and Math Fellows

    Qualified students work with a faculty mentor who is teaching an introductory-level science and/or math course to host outings and study sessions, build community among students, identify learning challenges in the course, and offer peer tutoring for students in
    the class. For students interested in pursuing science and math education in combination with communication, media, art, policy,
    and education studies, this program offers an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the challenges associated with science
    and math learning and current best practices in pedagogies of engagement and assessment of student learning through a weekly
    education seminar course. This fellowship is typically offered in the spring term. To apply for this independent study program,
    contact Katayoun Chamany at

    Social Science Research Fellowships at Lang

    Deadline: January 4, 2019
    Webpage and Application Form:
    Focus: Engaged learning, research, theory, practice
    Eligibility Criteria: Current second-year, third-year, and fourth-year BA/BFA students at Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts with a strong academic record in social sciences
    Amount: Fellows receive a $2,000 stipend.
    Application Components
    : Applicants must submit their résumé with relevant experience, a cover letter, and a writing sample and must indicate at least two preferred internship sites. Students will be notified in February if they have been selected for an interview.

    This fellowship provides a unique opportunity to combine research, theory, and practice. It requires the ability to work independently over the summer and throughout the fall semester. This fellowship provides a rare chance for students to develop their research and writing skills through individual mentoring and feedback on their work. The fellowship has three components:

    • A summer internship of at least 100 hours over four weeks, designed to connect students’ academic interests to organizations in related fields 
    • Work with an NSSR PhD student throughout the fellowship to develop and conduct a research project related to the summer internship
    • A four-credit independent study course in the fall term, during which students work with their research mentor to complete a research paper

    Visit the webpage for more information.