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  • COVID-19 Update: Preparing to Go Abroad

    Because of uncertainties related to COVID-19, international programs continue to monitor travel restrictions and safety on the ground and are adopting new instructional models. As a result, you should prepare for study abroad keeping specific factors in mind: 

    • Stay Abreast of Program Updates: Be aware that decisions about program modification, including whether a program will offer instruction online or on-site, will be communicated to you directly by the program. It is your responsibility to monitor the communication; check and read your email to make informed decisions about your travel and the suitability of the modified program to your academic interests. If you decide to withdraw at any point before you leave to study abroad, please contact the Lang Global Program Office and your academic advisor immediately. Making a timely decision to withdraw is important and allows your academic advisor to assist you with alternative plans for the semester, including registering for Lang classes. Be sure to check the program’s withdrawal policy and deadlines to avoid financial penalties for withdrawing late.

    • Modified Program: Currently study abroad programs are changing their curricular structure, term duration, program schedule, and number of contact hours for class sessions. Some programs are offering only a set number of courses, limiting the choice available. It is important for you to discuss your program’s academic structure and courses with your academic advisor to ensure that the courses align with your degree plan and, most important, that the modified program will be eligible for mobility course credits. Other program changes may include housing options, price, billing, on-site orientation sessions, and in-country community engagement opportunities such as internships and excursions.

    • Travel and In-Country Challenges: Please be aware of COVID-19-related restrictions on travel and immigration, including possible quarantines upon arrival in the destination country. Depending on the ongoing situation in the country, there is also the possibility that your program will be suspended in the middle of the semester and the program will ask you to return to Lang. Program interruption comes with associated financial, logistical, and emotional costs.

    The Lang Global Programs office is working remotely until further notice due to the ever-evolving situation with COVID-19. Our phone lines will not be monitored during this period, but we will keep supporting you by email. Because of the high volume of incoming emails, our response to messages will likely be delayed. We prioritize our communication as follows: students currently studying abroad and exchange students studying at Lang in spring 2020, students planning to study abroad in fall 2020, and then all others.

    Fall 2020 study abroad: If you are a Lang student slated to study abroad in fall 2020 and you need assistance, please schedule an appointment with a Global Programs advisor through Starfish.

    Spring 2021 study abroad: If you are a Lang student slated to study abroad in spring 2021, please contact Global Programs in early August 2020.

    Incoming exchange students: If you are a student who has been nominated by your home institution to study at Lang in fall 2020, please contact the exchange advisor at your institution for updates on your application to Lang.

    Please keep checking The New School's updated information and advice on COVID-19 and the university's response. For Lang-specific notifications from Dean Stephanie Browner, please check Lang's COVID-19 announcements. Find additional resources (PDF) at program websites. 

    Studying Abroad at an Exchange Partner Institution

    Lang has formal exchange agreements with a few select institutions abroad and in the United States. These programs are overseen and administered by the Director of Global Programs at the dean's office of Eugene Lang College. Students interested in study abroad at one of the exchange partner institutions must do the following:

    • Step 1: Complete a study abroad application in GoAbroad. Applications will be reviewed and, if eligible, the student will be nominated for the exchange. Students should understand that if they are approved and nominated by the director of Global Programs to study at the exchange partner institution, they are accepting a place in the program and must make a commitment to attend, provided that they are accepted by the institution.

    • Step 2: Complete the exchange partner application. Once approved and nominated, students will receive instructions from the exchange institution for completing the application.   

    To apply for the programs below, please log in to MyNewSchool and click the red GoAbroad link under the Academics tab.

    • International Opportunities at The New School

    • Approved External Programs

      To find out which programs offered by the program partners listed below are approved for Lang students, please log in to MyNewSchool and click the red GoAbroad link under the Academics tab. 
      IES Abroad
      SIT Study Abroad (Student International Training)

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