Engage, Intern, & Study Abroad

  • Gain real-world experience with immersive learning opportunities at The New School

    At Lang, The New School's college of liberal arts, we believe that real-world experience is just as important as intellectual theories explored in the classroom. Our immersive programs give students the chance to weigh what they learn at school against contemporary realities through study abroad courses, volunteer programs, and internships. Hands-on learning opportunities mean students don't have to put life on hold to study. They are a way for our liberal arts students to engage with the world around them — doing both schoolwork and life work.

    Learn more about the different ways our students get the real-world experience they need today so that they can better shape the world tomorrow.

    Immersion programs and engaged-learning opportunities at Lang

    Whatever you want to study, Lang has programs to get you the real-world experience you need to excel after graduation. Take a course like Postcolonial Africa or Non-Western Approaches to World Politics, then travel to Cape Town, South Africa, to explore democratic transition in a post-apartheid society. Take a seminar about social justice in today’s globalized food systems, then engage in debate with faculty and peers over lunch in the courtyard. Meet passionate fellow students in a course on urban ecology, then team up to design resilient strategies to address the drought in California. With our immersive programs, you'll become part of a learning community that connects the dots between your personal lived experience and social justice theories in programs offered through the Office of Civic Engagement and Social Justice.

    Study abroad and internship opportunities at Lang

    Connecting with the world is an integral part of the Lang experience, and we offer many ways for students to engage while they're enrolled. Study abroad in our global immersion program, go on faculty-led short-term excursions, choose an external exchange program that meets degree requirements, or participate in domestic exchange, in which you study at a designated partner school within the United States.

    If you're interested in learning opportunities that could lead to a career, you can take advantage of Lang's connections with both the nonprofit and the for-profit sectors and earn credit for internships. Learn more about how our coursework prepares you for the world after graduation and about study abroad and internship opportunities available through The New School.