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Environmental Studies

The New School offers the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and the Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees in Environmental Studies. While Parsons no longer accepts applications to the Environmental Studies program, students have the option to pursue this area of study through a related minor or by taking courses in Environmental Studies through another division of The New School. Prospective students interested in this program should apply through Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts.

About the Program

Bringing together courses from the natural sciences, the social sciences, and design, Environmental Studies looks beyond natural ecology and resource conservation to emphasize urban ecosystems, sustainable design, and public policy. The program, administered by the Tishman Environment and Design Center, promotes urban-focused study that examines both the natural and social ecosystems that flourish in cities and the wider ecosystems, such as watersheds, that support cities with natural resources. Students analyze the ecological impact of the systems that sustain city life, including energy, food, water, construction, manufacturing, and transportation, many of which draw on distant natural resources.

Study Options

Parsons no longer accepts applications to the Environmental Studies program. Prospective students who wish to major in  Environmental Studies should apply to the Eugene Lang College using the Common Application.

Current students interested in Environmental Studies may consider a related minor at Parsons or take courses offered through Lang.

Current students already enrolled in the Environmental Studies program should refer to the Parsons Catalog appropriate to their catalog year. Please see Academic Policies for more details.

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