Parsons Paris

Fashion Design (BFA)

  • Walk the streets of high-fashion designer districts like the Golden Triangle, dig through the famous flea market at Porte de Clignancourt, and visit the prestigious fashion houses, museums, and artisan studios located just steps from your door. 

    Innovation infuses all aspects of the BFA Fashion Design program at Parsons Paris, from the study of silhouette to the analysis of systems of production and distribution. 

    The university's legacy of design education is interwoven with a European sensibility, inspiring a community of designers to envision fresh ways to make beautiful, sustainable, responsible, and relevant fashion in the center of Paris, a capital of fashion and birthplace of haute couture.

    Globally Connected

    The BFA Fashion Design program immerses you in the world of Paris fashion. Addressing the culture, heritage, and tradition of the city along with contemporary and forward-thinking artisans and designers, you enhance your understanding of European craftsmanship, develop your unique design vision, and build a new library of references to apply to your creative practice.

    As a student at Parsons Paris, you also have access to the expertise of our faculty, alumni networks, and internship opportunities at the New York campus and around the world. You have the same curriculum as students enrolled at our New York campus and can complete a degree through study in both cities.

    A Distinctive Approach to Fashion Design

    Your first year at Parsons Paris exposes you to creative tools and methods essential for exploration of art and design. Through studio courses and seminars, you master design fundamentals and develop reading, writing, and critical reasoning skills. In the following year, you go on to develop a holistic approach to fashion design, embracing 2D and 3D processes, while building skills in drawing and digital design. Courses on garment construction techniques emphasize self-reflection and discovery, and courses in business and fashion history provide context and broaden your knowledge of fashion markets. In your senior year, you produce a thesis collection and graduate portfolio demonstrating your personal design philosophy.

    Guest lecturers and critics join instructors to challenge you on creative, intellectual, and practical industry matters. You also have the opportunity to develop your own design approach in projects with our industry partners. Parsons graduates leave the program prepared to enter the fashion industry in areas such as fashion, costume, and accessory design as well as marketing, merchandising, and curatorial work.