Parsons Paris

Visiting Students

  • Each semester, Parsons Paris admits a small number of visiting students from unaffiliated colleges and universities. Students have the option of joining the existing BFA or BBA programs or joining our Fashion Cultures and Design Cultures CODA suites. Applications to Parsons Paris are processed by the Office of Admission at Parsons School of Design in New York and are considered complete only when the New York office has received all the required materials. Visiting students pay tuition to The New School.

    Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) or Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

    These options are appropriate for those who are already pursuing a degree in art and design, and who have the necessary artistic background or interest in creative entrepreneurship and design thinking. Students must meet the prerequisites for each program or enroll in classes that do not have any prerequisites. Courses are subject to availability.

    • BFA in Art, Media, and Technology
    • BBA in Strategic Design and Management
    • BFA in Fashion Design

    Cultures of Design and Art (CODA)

    The Cultures of Design and Art (CODA) suites are a series of five courses (15 credits) — four classes in the spring plus one in June — in the field of fashion or design cultures. We offer two tracks of CODA suites: Fashion Cultures and Design Cultures. They are designed for students who have a strong interest in fashion, design, and art but are not necessarily art majors.

    Students should check with their home university regarding credit transfers. Students can supplement their studies by taking additional courses at Parsons Paris for an additional fee.

    CODA Suite 1

    Fashion Cultures

    Learn about the history, theory, and practice of art and design culture in an exchange with designers and historians at Parsons Paris. You can take a series of courses on fashion culture and design in Paris, the fashion capital of the world. You visit fashion collections while taking four liberal arts classes in the spring before engaging in a hands-on experience of fashion design in June.

    Students who enroll in CODA Suite 1 can supplement their studies by registering for additional Parsons courses.


    Into to Fashion Studies
    Fashion and Crafts: A History of Fashion and Luxury Crafts in Perspective 
    Paris Trend Forecasting 
    a class of your choice
    Fashion Design Process (for June)

    CODA Suite 2

    Design Cultures

    What is a designer? How has design evolved from its birth in the late 19th century to its current status as an overarching discipline encompassing applied social science, technological innovation, new economies, sustainability, production, and consumption systems? At Parsons Paris, you can learn about what it means to think and act as a designer in a world capital where past and future are in constant dialogue. You can take a series of courses on design cultures, focusing on forward-looking ideas, trends, and projects. You engage with the city and its culture while learning about design studies, collective work, and problem-solving approaches to business, creativity, and human services.

    Students who enroll in the CODA suite can supplement their studies by registering for additional Parsons courses.


    Intro to Design Studies
    Making: Culture and Branding 
    Internet Landscapes 
    A class of your choice 
    Strategic Design (for June)