Parsons Paris

Strategic Design and Management (BBA)

  • IMG - Parsons Paris Strategic Design and Management

    The BBA in Strategic Design and Management educates students in the entrepreneurial and strategic aspects of design and in design aspects of business. Project-based studio and seminar courses integrate business, design, and liberal arts education, promoting interdisciplinary learning through wide-ranging research and collaborative work.

    Globally Connected

    Students enrolled in the program, whether their home campus is located in Paris or in New York, have the same curriculum and will be able to pursue a continuous course of study between the two cities. Faculty in Strategic Design and Management are practicing professionals who bring their own business and design experience, working internationally, to the classroom. Students have the opportunity to collaborate with an exclusive and diverse network of executives, activists, academics, artists, designers, and scientists. Through internships with some of the most creative organizations throughout the world (including fashion houses, media companies, and advertising agencies), students can gain work experience while exploring potential career paths.

    Project-Driven Learning

    The four-year curriculum encompasses introductory and advanced courses in strategic thinking and management in design and business; innovation and sustainability research; quantitative thinking, data analysis, and financial management; critical reasoning through reading and writing, visual communication, and information design; scenario planning; and entrepreneurship and leadership.

    Course formats include lectures with discussion sections, seminars, and studios, offering a range of learning experiences emphasizing individual and group work, project-driven learning and special workshops, as well as field-based research. In Senior Seminar and Thesis classes, students research and analyze both economic and cultural aspects of the marketing and management of designed objects, environments, and experiences.

    Career Pathways

    Strategic Design and Management students master conceptual and technical skills that enable them to develop innovative ideas and help organizations fulfill their missions and gain competitive design-driven advantage. Alumni succeed in a range of capacities: starting their own businesses, managing creative people and projects, marketing new products and services, devising design-driven business strategy, and assuming leadership positions.