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    The rigor and relevance of art and design research have never been greater. The need for interdisciplinary, team-based approaches to solving complex problems is rising. Designers who are skilled at collaborative research are in increasing demand, and there is a growing recognition of the competitive advantage offered by creative practice and design thinking in the new economy.

    Parsons Paris places research at the center of the learning experience. Faculty and students in Parsons Paris’ expanding group of graduate programs work closely and share projects. These collaborations prepare students for real-world teamwork and are increasingly being recognized as an effective way to respond to current social, political, and economic conditions.

    Curatorial Lab

    The Curatorial Lab is a community of research and practice made up of Parsons Paris faculty, staff, and students and external museum and exhibition professionals. The lab develops projects tying together research in the field of design history, theory, and practice and broader political and societal issues. It is committed to expanding the field of curatorial practice by fostering collaboration between curators and researchers, designers and scholars, artists and their public. A key hub in the Parsons Paris community, the lab operates as both a pedagogical tool and a means of public outreach for the school. 

    Media Archaeology Lab Paris: MALP

    The MALP is a cross-disciplinary experimental research and teaching lab, exploring media and technology history, e-waste, obsolete tools, hardware, and software to better understand the past in order to create alternative presents and futures.


    The Hacklab is a collaborative workspace focused on contemporary DIY and hacking practices. The Hacklab's research interests include (but are not limited to) video, sound, programming and algorithmic processes, interactive and media installation, physical computing and interface, art games, and performance.

    CCC (Coffee Coding Club)

    Code Club is a student-organized meet-up at which participants share code, programming skills, and knowledge. We will select a time and place to work together in a social atmosphere exploring new topics, solving problems, presenting research, and planning workshops. Faculty advisors will assist and contribute when possible. Code Club is open to all Parsons Paris students.


    The Parsons Paris Makelab enables students to prototype and realize their projects using both traditional hand and power tools as well as the latest fabrication technology such as laser-cutting, 3D printing. and CNC milling. The Technology Department also runs a program of workshops designed to help students develop the range of skills needed in a real-world studio environment. Students learn to prototype in 3D in our Makelab, where they can choose from hand tools, laser cutters, CNC mills, and 3D printers. In our Digital Lab, open seven days a week, they can learn to print in large format, borrow cameras and equipment, process digital files, and bind their own portfolios.

    Civic Design Lab

    The Civic Design Lab at Parsons Paris actively champions the New School mission, which encourages students to engage with the vital issues of our time, such as democracy, urbanization, sustainability, migration, and globalization. Under the direction of the dean’s office, faculty, students and staff are invited to participate in cross-disciplinary initiatives to promote social justice, with particular attention to the refugee crisis in Europe.