• Profile:

    Sadia Shirazi is a writer, independent curator and architect. She is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Art History and Visual Studies at Cornell University. 


    Degrees Held:

    MArch, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    BA, University of Chicago

    Professional Affiliations:

    College Art Association (CAA)

    Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program (ISP)


    Recent Publications:

    "A Room of One's Own," for Zarina: Weaving Darkness and Silence, Exhibition catalogue, Gallery Espace, Delhi (February 2018).
    "Stretched Terrains," Exhibition Review, Critics' Picks, Art Forum, June 2017.

    "Postcommodity with Sadia Shirazi," Interview, Issue 134 "Land," C Magazin, June 2017.
    "the cuts. cheyanne turions and Sadia Shirazi," Indigenous New York: Critically SpeakingVera List Center, March 2017.
    Welcome To What We Took From Is The State, Exhibition catalogue, The Queens Museum, New York, March 2016.
    "Europe, Europe, Europe: Chant Avedissian with Sadia Shirazi," Interview, Jadaliyya
    , 22 June 2015.
    "Lahore: Architecture of In/Security," The Funambulist Pamphlet 01: Militarized Cities (September 2015): 14-19.

    "Delhicentric: Zarina's Paper Like Skin," Exhibition review of Zarina: Paper Like Skin, Jadaliyya, 10 June 2013.
    "On Exhibition Without Ojbects - Flatness, File Size and Hard Drives," Independent Curators International (iCi) Research Journal, 30 September 2013.
    "230 MB/ Exhibition Without Objects," Exhibition catalogue, Khoj International Artists' Association, New Delhi, 10 February 2103. 
    "Subject: Exhibition Without Objects," SARAI Reader 09: Projections, ed. Raqs Media Collective and Shveta Sarda (April 2013), 231-239.
    "Cinematic Occupation: Kamal Al Jafari's Port of Memory," Film review, Jadaliyya, 9 August 2012.

    Research Interests:

    Global Art History
    Global Modernism and Contemporary Art
    Architecture and Urbanism
    Theories of Translation
    Postcolonial Theory, Black Critical Theory, Critical Theory, Media Theory, Feminist and Queer Theory
    Performance Studies


    Current Courses:

    Other Abstractions