• Profile:

    As a multi-disciplinary designer, I am passionate about working at the intersection of design, storytelling, technology, and the public good. I love to create experiences that are joyful, engaging, and easy - whether the experience is for a consumer product or a work session. I take a human-centered design approach to a wide range of problems, from creating digital products and services to establishing new operational processes. I establish and facilitate environments that encourage teams to work collaboratively and think imaginatively.

    I have a weird and wonderful combination of professional experiences that includes creating digital classroom products, designing mission-critical systems for the City of New York and Mayor's Office, designing and building content-rich websites for museums and media channels, developing content for a children's television show, defining mathematical models for Wall Street, and training to be a flying trapeze instructor. The many hats I have worn allow me to empathize and work comfortably across a wide range of teams and audiences.

    Degrees Held:

    MS, Communications Design, Pratt Institute
    BA, Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania
    Visiting Scholar, Mathematics, Oxford University