• Mirjam Kotwick



    Mirjam E. Kotwick joined the department in January 2016 as the Onassis Lecturer in Ancient Greek Thought and Language.  She received her Ph.D. in Greek Philology in 2014 from the Munich School of Ancient Philosophy at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, Germany. Prior to her appointment at the New School she was a DAAD postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Classical Studies at the University of Michigan.

    Degrees Held:

    PhD 2014, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich

    Recent Publications:



    Alexander of Aphrodisias and the Text of Aristotle’s Metaphysics (California Classical Studies, Berkeley 2016).


    Der Papyrus von Derveni. Griechisch-deutsch. Eingeleitet, übersetzt und kommentiert (Berlin/Boston, De Gruyter 2017)


    Select Articles


    “ΑΝΟΗΤΟΙ ΑΜΥΗΤΟΙ: Allegorical Interpretation in the Derveni Papyrus and Plato’s Gorgias.Classical Philology 114.2. (forthcoming 2019).


    “Aphrodite’s Cosmic Power: Empedocles in the Derveni Papyrus.” In Presocratics and Papyrological Tradition (Studia Praesocratica), edited by Christian Vassallo, Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter. (forthcoming 2019).


    “How To Think The Infinite: A New Reading and Interpretation of Aristotle, Metaphysics II, 994b21–27.” (co-authored with Christian Pfeiffer) Mnemosyne.
    online available at  print edition forthcoming 2019.


    “The Entwicklungsgeschichte of a Text: On Werner Jaeger’s Edition of Aristotle’s Metaphysics.” In Werner Jaeger. Wissenschaft, Bildung, Politik, edited by Colin Guthrie King and Roberto Lo Presti, Philologus. Supplemente, Berlin/New York: De Gruyter, 2017, 171–208.


    “On Aristotle’s Metaphysics A 4, 985a18–21: A Platonic Interpolation from Asclepius of Tralles’ commentary?” In Le Travail du Savoir / Wissensbewältigung. Philosophie, sciences exactes et sciences appliquées dans l’Antiquité. AKAN-Einzelschriften, Band 10, edited by Victor Gysembergh and Andreas Schwab. Trier 2015, 215–231.


    “Reconstructing Ancient Constructions of the Orphic Theogony—Aristotle, Syrianus, and Michael of Ephesus on Orpheus’ succession of the first gods.” Classical Quarterly 64.1 (2014): 75–90.


    “Gellius als Quelle bekannter und unbekannter Autoren – Zur Funktion der Tauros-Figur in der Darstellung der Lehre Platons in den Noctes Atticae.” Würzburger Jahrbücher für die Altertumswissenschaft 35 (2011): 123–145. (As Mirjam Engert)


    Research Interests:

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    Current Courses:

    Ancient Greek, Beginner (Fall 2018)

    Ancient Greek, Intermediate

    Early Greek Philosophy