• Profile:

    Jason LaRiviere is a PhD candidate in the department of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University. He is writing his dissertarion on the theme of compression as a technical and philosophical concept.

    Degrees Held:

    Bachelors: University of Southern California, Philosophy

    Masters: Columbia University, Film Studies

    Recent Publications:

    (forthcoming, co-authored with Alexander Galloway) “Compression in Philosophy,” boundary 2, vol. 44, no. 1 (February 2017).

    “#feelings,” e-flux superconversations, June 2015.

    “The Thirst for Annihilation: William Friedkin’s Sorcerer,” The Brooklyn Rail, June 2014.

    “Morally Pink Complexion: Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers,” The Brooklyn Rail, April 2013.

    “Nihil Unbound: Rick Alverson’s The Comedy,” The Brooklyn Rail, December 2012.

    Performances And Appearances:

    Response to Nick Srnicek (via live video link), Incredible Machines Conference, Vancouver, March 8, 2014

     “Overwhelming Contingency: On Michael Mann’s Miami Vice” at Surface Reflections: A Symposium on Themes in the Work of Michael Mann, The New School, New York, December 14, 2013

    “A Dialectic Tragedy: On Coonskin’s Place in Hip-Hop,” SCMS, Los Angeles, March 2010

    Research Interests:

    critical theory, visual culture, media archeology, non-philosophy