• Christopher Silsby


    Christopher Silsby is a doctoral candidate in Theatre at the CUNY Graduate Center, where his work centers on the intersection of Soviet, African American, and musical theatres. Christopher studied acting at the Moscow Art Theatre for a semester. From 2007 to 2010, Christopher worked in multiple capacities at Slavic and East European Performance journal, as Assistant Editor, Managing Editor, and Editorial Advisor. For the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, he has served as Editorial Assistant and Production Editor on nine books, including Quick Change: Essays on Theatre by Daniel Gerould, Playwrights before the Fall: Eastern European Drama in Times of Revolution, and Czech Plays. In addition to teaching at Lang, he is the Blogs@Baruch Coordinator with the Center for Teaching and Learning at Baruch College. He also likes cycling.

    Degrees Held:

    BA, Theatre Arts, Carleton College
    MPhil, Theatre, CUNY Graduate Center

    Recent Publications:

    Narodnost of the New Negro: Socialist Realist Heroes and “Race Men” on the Soviet Stage Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies conference, Boston, 2013

    Scottsboro Limit(ed): Re-Staging Racial Tragedy as Broadway Minstrelsy, Playing Well with “Others”: Post-60s Popular Black Musicals, Music Theatre/Dance Focus Group, Black Theatre Association, and the American Theatre and Drama Society joint roundtable, Association for Theatre in Higher Education conference, Orlando, 2013

    The Haunting of Jelly: American History and Identity in Jelly’s Last Jam, The American Musical Since 1987: Performing Race in Contemporary American Musical Theatre, American Theatre and Drama Society/Black Theatre Association joint panel, Association for Theatre in Higher Education conference, Washington DC, 2012

    Paul Robeson and Race Policy in Soviet Union at the Start of the Cold War Theatre, Globalization and the Cold War, Center for Advanced Studies, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, 2012

    Moscow’s Helikon Opera in Post-Soviet Economic Transition, Theatre, Economy and Communism in Eastern-European Performance working session, American Society for Theatre Research conference, Montreal, 2011

    Black Arts Repertory Theatre/School and the Field of Racialized Aesthetics, American Theatre and Drama Society, Black Theatre Association, and Latino/a Focus Group debut panel, Association for Theatre in Higher Education conference, Los Angeles, 2010

    Research Interests:

    African American theatre
    Russian theatre
    Musical theatre

    Awards And Honors:

    Leon Levy Dissertation Fellowship
    Rosette C. Lamont Fellowship for International
    Baruch Communication Fellow
    CUNY Writing Fellow
    Black Theatre Association Representative to Association for Theatre in Higher Education Debut Panel

    Current Courses:

    African-Amer Drama Since 1970 (Fall 2018)