• Profile:

    Jason Lee Oakes is a popular music scholar specializing in punk and post-punk, hip hop, world music, karaoke culture, songwriting practice, and gender & sexuality in popular music. Regarding the latter subject, his article “’I’m A Man: Masculinities in Popular Music” was published in The Ashgate Research Companion to Popular Musicology (2009). In his non-academic life he plays drums and writes/records songs as a multi-instrumentalist.

    Degrees Held:

    Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology from Columbia University

    Professional Affiliations:

    International Association for the Study of Popular Music (webmaster for US branch, 2010-11)
    Society for Ethnomusicology

    Recent Publications:

    Oxford Handbook of Hip Hop Music and Culture (Oxford, New York). Co-edited with Justin D. Burton, 2016

    “Obama’s ‘One Chance’: Winner Over Hearts and Ears.” IASPM-US blog, 2012

    “Listen To Me Now: Social Media, Celebrity, and Popular Music.” IASPM-US blog, 2011

    “I’m A Man”: Masculinities in Popular Music. In Ashgate Research Companion to Popular Musicology, edited by D.B. Scott (Ashgate, Aldershot): 221-239, 2009

    The Filth and the Fury: An Essay on Punk Rock Heavy Metal Karaoke. Current Musicology, Spring (85): 73-112, 2008

    All the King’s Elvii: Fandom, Identification, and Elvis Impersonation. In Access All Eras: Tribute Bands and Global Pop Culture, edited by S. Homan (Open University Press, London): 166-181, 2006

    Queering the Witch: Stevie Nicks and the Forging of Femininity at the Night of a Thousand Stevies. In Queering the Popular Music Pitch, edited by S. Whiteley (Routledge Press, New York): 41-54, 2005

    Pop Music, Racial Imagination, and the Sounds of Cheese: Notes on Loser's Lounge. In Bad Music, edited by C. Washburne and M. Derno (Routledge Press, New York): 62-82, 2004

    Losers, Punks, and Queers (and Elvii too): Identification and Identity at New York City Music Tribute Events. Dissertation. Columbia University, 2004

    Research Interests:

    Popular Music, Gender and Sexuality
    Hip Hop Music and Culture
    Punk Rock Culture and Aesthetics
    Songwriting and the Creative Process
    Karaoke, Impersonation and Tribute Bands
    Musical Camp and Parody
    Fame and Fandom Studies
    Remix Culture
    Web 2.0 and the Music Industry