• Student Employment

    Student employment helps students develop professional experiences and connections with our faculty and staff and enriches our community. Wherever possible, this employment should complement and reinforce the educational program of the student. There are a number of positions that students can hold at The New School including (but not limited to) Student Assistants, Student Advisors, Resident Advisors, Teaching Assistants, and Course Assistants.

  • Types of Employment

    Federal Work Study

    The Federal Work Study (FWS) program subsidizes part-time employment opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay their costs of attendance at a participating college or university. In order to receive FWS assistance, students must be enrolled at least half-time (six credits) in a degree or professional certificate program and must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). At The New School, FWS is administered by Student Financial Services.

    If you receive a Federal Work Study award, please note that your award amount is not guaranteed. You must first find and secure an on-campus work study position. You must obtain a position by October 15 if you received a Federal Work Study award for the academic year, or you will lose your award. You cannot begin receiving pay from your Federal Work Study award until all hiring steps are completed and your supervisor informs you of the first day of your employment. For more information on work study awards and how to find a work study job, visit the student financial services work study page.

    On-campus Student Employment

    On-Campus Student Employment (OCSE) is a program funded 100% through departmental funding within The New School. Students do not need to demonstrate financial need in order to qualify for employment. Unlike the federal work-study program, the entirety of the student's wages are paid by the university department employing the student, and any wages earned are considered as income for the purposes of financial aid need assessment in subsequent years. On Campus Student Employees are paid at least the current New York City minimum wage and receive bi-weekly payment. The funds are not applied to the student's university account with student financial services.

  • Who is eligible to work on campus?

    Students must be matriculated or enrolled full-time in a certificate program to be considered eligible for on-campus student employment, and they must also meet all federal requirements to work in the United States.

    How are student workers paid?

    Students are paid on a biweekly hourly pay schedule that runs two weeks in arrears. Hourly salaries vary based on a number of factors, including the department's budget and the level of experience required for the position. Minimum wage at The New School is currently $13.00/hour.

    How many hours can I work?

    When school is in session, students may work up to 20 hours per week. Hours are assigned at the discretion of the supervisor based on the needs of the department or office. When classes are not in session (during the winter, spring, and summer breaks), students may work a standard New School full-time week (35 hours per week). Students may hold multiple positions on campus but may not exceed the maximum hours allowed per week.

    Finding a Job on Campus

    The New School has a variety of on-campus employment opportunities that vary from office to office and school to school. There are many ways to secure an on-campus position. A great resource for looking for student positions is careers.newschool.edu. You may apply online for any of these positions. While the site lists many available positions, it is not the only way to find and secure employment. If interested, be sure to check out bulletin boards in common areas, sign up for school or program of study emails, and ask around on campus.

    Student Timesheets

    MyDay, our new cloud-based web HR system, is live. It improves the way The New School provides key human resources services and provides an electronic mechanism to collect timesheets for student workers. To learn more about MyDay, please visit our project website, where you'll find key information like status updates, need-to-know information, training, and communications.

    Regular Procedures

    Before entering your time in MyDay, please read the step-by-step guide to entering time in MyDay and confirm with your supervisor that your Student Employment, On Campus Student Employment (OCSE) or Federal Work Student (FWS) assignment has been processed with Human Resources for payment.

    Important Timesheet Notes

    • Timesheets must now be submitted each week, although employees will continue to be paid on their regular biweekly schedules.
    • Biweekly timesheets will be due for employee submission by 9:00 a.m. on the Monday following the reporting period end date, and the deadline for supervisory approval will be at noon on that same day.

    MyDay leaves time cards open for data entry only one week at a time. A period work week is Monday through Sunday. Please be sure to enter your time in MyDay on a weekly schedule — or, even better, enter your time on a daily basis, so that you won't have to remember your week's hours worked. Only hit Submit once you have entered time for your last shift of the week.

    Managers and Supervisors

    • Biweekly timesheets will be due for employee submission by 9:00 a.m. on the Monday following the reporting period end date, and the deadline for supervisory approval will be at noon on that same day.
    • In general, you should be checking your MyDay inbox daily for time-off requests and time entries that require your approval.

    If you have any questions about how to access Workday time sheets, please see this tip sheet about how to log in to MyDay or use the link below.