• Student Employment

    Welcome to the Student Employment Office in the Office of Human Resources at The New School. The purpose of the office is to provide New School students and hiring managers with information and guidance on student employment opportunities, workplace policies and practices, and all other human resources functions.

    Here you will find general information about student employment types, links to university job opportunity boards, and additional resources available to students.

    Student employment opportunities are available only to current registered matriculating students of The New School. Visit Email us with questions or concerns at

    Student Timesheets

    The new electronic timesheet submission system allows a student employed in an On Campus Student Employment (OCSE) position to submit his or her timesheet online and forward it electronically to his or her supervisor for approval. Students will receive a confirmation email when the timesheet is submitted and another confirmation email when the timesheet is approved by the supervisor for payroll processing.

    Before initiating an electronic timesheet for the first time, please confirm with your supervisor that your OCSE assignment has been processed with Human Resources for payment.

    Select an Online Timesheet for the Appropriate Period

    You can initiate a timesheet at any time. Once you have opened a timesheet, you can come back to it repeatedly. Once you've saved the information, the timesheet will retain the information until you come back to it. This allows you to track your hours online throughout the pay period, rather than having to remember your work hours at the end of the pay period.

    Important Timesheet Notes

    1. Only email accounts should be entered for yourself and your supervisor.
    2. Be sure you have all the relevant assignment details before initiating a timesheet:
      • Your assignment title
      • Your supervisor's email address
      • Your department name
      • Your department's Org code
      • Your hourly rate
    3. All times should be entered in the following format: Time 9:00am (no spaces time followed by "am" or "pm").
    4. Verify that the hours entered add up correctly for all days and all weekly periods.
    5. Select the appropriate timesheet workflow.
      • "Save and complete at a later time" allows you to save your timesheet and return to it before submitting for approval.
      • "I'm done and ready to submit" submits your timesheet for approval.

    At the end of the pay period, be sure to select the "I'm done and ready to submit" workflow option, once all hours for the pay period have been recorded. Any incorrect or missing information may delay the timesheet processing and payment.

    If you have any questions or concerns about completion of your timesheet online, contact Please review the timesheet FAQ for answers to common questions.